California Democrats say that Kavanaugh would be the worst frightening for gun reform.

Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary committee pledged to principal the battle against Court nominee known as Brett Kavanaugh. The members were led by Senator Dianne Feinstein. The Democratic members proclaimed this on Monday at the Supreme Court steps. Senator Feinstein cited that Kavanaugh’s position on the three issues that include gun regulation, abortion rights, and healthcare were against the principles that many Californians stand for. Several other senators that include Minority leader Chuck Schumer of New York painted Brett as a very conservative justice to serve at the Supreme Court if at all he was confirmed.

Feinstein noted that Brett had argued against the stand point of Capitol Hill in 2011. He argued that weapons like the AR-15s are commonly used. There was a fundraising email that was created by Feinstein’s opponents in November. Kevin De Leon had called for all senators to do anything possible to put a stop to the nominee.

The senator for California, Kamala Harris, was among the first legislators to address a statement that was actively opposing Kavanaugh after Donald’s Trump’s announcement on Monday Night. The senator only spoke about her concerns on Kavanaugh overturning the favorite Roe vs. Wade. She said that a single vote would make a very significant difference. This has always been the one main cry for all Democrats in the efforts to oppose Kavanaugh. Harris made a statement saying that it was all about placing the administration’s authority ahead of a female politician to make a great choice about her future. She went on to say that all young women in the US that cared about another young women should pay strict attention to the point that she was arguing. This is because what she was addressing was going to change lives.

Other senators who were in the Judiciary committee spread those sentiments on women rights to gun relation and abortions. Senator Richard Blumenthal said that anyone that cared about bringing gun violence to an end, then Justice Kavanaugh was the greatest nightmare concerning the matter. Richard argued that anyone that wanted a ban on assault weapons, background checks or any other common-sense measures that the state had in Connecticut, New York or in California then Justice Kavanaugh was focused in shutting them down. Senator Richard used to clerk on the court. He added that if Justice Kavanaugh is given a seat on the court, then people should start to bid goodbye to the common sense of measures.

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