Getting Details From Hurricanes

Scientists are working on ways to examine the inside of hurricanes to try to offer better warnings so that people in the paths of the storms can prepare sooner. Although meteorologists can see radar images that offer information about rainfall, there are still questions about the intensity of hurricanes as some appear weaker on radar images than they actually are. If scientists can better determine how strong a hurricane is, then people can begin to better prepare for the winds associated with the storm instead of anticipating winds of a predicted strength only for stronger winds to occur.

When hurricanes are predicted that have winds that might not do as much damage, then residents sometimes don’t prepare in the manner that they would if they know that stronger winds could be associated with the storm. If they know that there will be stronger winds, then they can board more windows or move items inside the home or a building so that belongings are protected and so that they won’t damage the property of other people.

The first step is looking into hurricanes to get a better idea as to just how strong the winds are instead of relying on radar information. At least half of the information is available, and scientists are quickly trying to put together the other half of the information needed to determine the intensity of the storms. Since the temperature of ocean water s gradually increasing each year, hurricanes are stronger than they have been the past decade and will likely continue to get stronger with little weakening when they are in the ocean until they reach land. If scientists are able to understand the intensity of a hurricane days in advance, then people on the ground can have more time to prepare instead of only a few days.

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