Guessing the DCEU’s 2020 Slate

What DC Extended Universe film(s) will be released in 2020? Nobody’s quite sure yet (possibly even at Warner Bros.), but we can analyze some clues to make an educated guess.

The troubled franchise is finally generating some positive buzz for this year’s upcoming Aquaman, along with 2019’s Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984. However, nothing after that is confirmed, and the rumors about what Warner Bros. wants to fast-track sometimes seem to change every week or two. The people behind the scenes still seem to be trying to define what they want their movies to be.

One possible candidate seems to be the Flash’s solo movie. Played by Ezra Miller in Justice League, he was supposed to get a solo film this year, but it ran into numerous problems, losing two directors and get a script rewrite. Warner Bros. has no hired the team of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to head the project, and seems to be getting on track. If they want to keep the Justice League characters in the popular consciousness, going with his film would be a good bet.

Other possible follow-ups or sequels include Suicide Squad 2 or its many spin-offs. This film was a technical mess and a critical bomb, but was fun and made good money, so Warner Bros. was quick to try and capitalize on that. The sequel will be directed by Gavin O’Connor and has taken some steps into pre-production, so it may be coming down the line.

Suicide Squad also introduced us to Harley Quinn, who is set to appear in… what, half a dozen different movies? Among them is Birds of Prey, which has gotten some buzz as a potential 2020 release. Its script is apparently done, and Cathy Yan has been hired to direct; since Wonder Woman is the franchise’s only unqualified success so far, Warner Bros. seems interested in pushing another female-led project.

Finally we have The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves. Current word is that it will star a young Caped Crusader, rather than Ben Affleck, and may be considered its own continuity depending on how well the DCEU is doing at that point. Either way, it could be coming within two years, and would reportedly be a noirish film focusing more on Batman’s detective skills.

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