Man Tested for Ebola After Coming Back from Congo

A man who has been working as a medical missionary in the Congo is now being treated for Ebola after returning to Denver. Soon after he got back to Denver, he woke up one morning feeling like he had the flu. He was sick to his stomach and had trouble breathing. The doctors who treated him in the hospital, as well as the ambulance crew, are also being tested just in case he does have the disease. Officials in Denver are trying to find anyone else who has been in contact with the man to test them as well.

On Sunday night, results were not available after lab tests were conducted. The man was placed in an isolated area of the hospital. After initial examinations, doctors don’t believe that the man has Ebola, but because of the area he has visited, they aren’t taking any chances in delivering the wrong diagnosis. Late Sunday night, officials received a bulletin declaring that the man tested negative for Ebola. While in the Congo, the man worked with people who were sick and dying from various types of diseases, including Ebola. There have been no recent cases of Ebola in the Congo in the past month and a half, but since the area is known for housing this type of disease, it was important for proper precautions to be taken with the man once he arrived home.

Doctors knew that there was no room for error if he had Ebola. They didn’t want to take any chances on the man being contagious and not doing anything to prevent the spread or to maintain the spread of the disease. The man’s exact symptoms were not revealed to anyone but doctors and nurses. After hearing about his symptoms, tests were conducted to determine if he had Ebola. Officials don’t think that anything will need to be done to the man’s home to clean it since he tested negative for the disease.

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