“Snyder Cut” Movement Fights Suicide

A new side project has been announced by the “Snyder Cut” movement, which will imitate their favorite heroes by raising money for suicide prevention.

The idea comes from Fiona Zheng, founder of the website ForSnyderCut.com. She posted about it on her Twitter account.

“The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement has always been more than about one film. The lessons of Zack’s Wonder Woman character have taught us that,” she wrote. “As part of this movement, we want to leave a lasting legacy, and we believe a $5 donation 2 http://afsp.org will do exactly that.”

The new effort is using a #5for5 slogan, in apparently reference to Justice League being the fifth movie of the DC Extended Universe. A few days into the initiative and they have reportedly raised at least $1,000.

Zack Snyder himself has taken notice, and tweeted “So proud. Please thank everyone. I’m so blessed to have you and all my amazing support.”

This is a cause that is particularly close to Snyder (and his fans), because the director’s daughter, Autumn, committed suicide back in 2017. This ultimately led to him leaving the set of Justice League to spend time with his family, after principle photography had been done but before planned reshoots.

With Snyder gone, Warner Bros. promoted Joss Whedon to the new, albeit uncredited, director. Since Snyder’s previous DCEU movies had been divisive and the studio was looking to course correct, Whedon was tasked with making some substantial changes to the film. The result was a critically “okay” entry in the franchise that was a bit weird tonally, given the directors’ very different styles. As a result, fans like Zheng have been clamoring for a “Snyder Cut” that will restore his original vision.

Whether or not such a cut can be made is wildly debated; after all, Snyder was planning his own reshoots, so the predominant conclusion is that a full version of “his” film does not exist. Rumors to the contrary have been loud, and some even say that Snyder is working on the project already while trying to negotiate for its release.

As such, it is unknown if Zheng and other supporters will ever achieve their dream of seeing Snyder’s original work. Even if they do not, however, they can be proud that their grassroots movement did something even better, and hopefully will prevent another tragedy like what the Snyder family endured.

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