Spectrum Ordered to Leave New York

Spectrum – formerly known as Charter – is one of the most popular cable television and Internet access providers in the United States. Recent statistics indicate that Spectrum has some 101 million customers covered across 43 states.

Just yesterday – Friday, July 27, 2018 – the state government of New York made public that they would soon ban Spectrum from offering their services in the state. Not only is Spectrum one of the nation’s largest providers, but the company is also the largest service provider in all of New York. Although it might seem like such a move is an obvious mistake – who wants their state or local government to take away their Internet and cable service providers? – the public service commission of the state of New York has made clear that Spectrum both doesn’t hold true to the many promises it makes to its countless customers and neglected to service customers in a timely manner.

How did Spectrum weasel its way into the great state of New York, anyway?

Charter Communications is the parent company of Spectrum. In 2016, the two companies merged together with Time Warner Cable. The New York public service commission has now granted Spectrum 60 days to devise and revise a plan to back all of its operations, assets, and human capital out of the state. Further, the New York public service commission has slapped the cable giant with a not-so-whopping – at least not for Spectrum and Charter Communications – $3 million’s worth of penalties.

Although New York wants Spectrum out immediately, they are required to remain in the state until New York state can find another service provider to fully replace Spectrum. The company must also work with whatever service provider the state of New York selects to replace Spectrum of Charter Communications, which is even further punishment for the various wrongdoings Spectrum committed over the past few years.

Experts have reported that Charter Communications is going to be putting an appeal to the order made by the state of New York, though it likely will not be flipped over; it looks like Charter Communications is going out and never coming back in.

The worst thing that Spectrum failed to do for its customers is beat around the bush when it came time to provide rural communities with the same speed of Internet that the rest of the state’s customers received.

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