“X-Men” Returns to Prominence as Disney Buys Movie Rights

With Disney set to buy the film rights to the X-Men franchises, it looks like the Merry Mutants are set to take back their prominent role at Marvel, presumably displacing the Inhumans in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comics.

Though created and owned by Marvel Comics (which is owned by Disney), the film rights to the X-Men belong to Fox, which have featured them in eleven movies since 2000. However, a deal is currently underway that it will give Disney the rights to most Fox properties, allowing the X-Men (as well as the Fantastic Four) to enter the MCU at some point in the coming years.

This is good news for X-Fans not only concerning the movies, but also the comics. Many have noted that in recent years, the X-Men (one of Marvel’s most prominent franchises) have been downplayed in favor of the Inhumans, a lesser-known set of characters who have since gotten a lot of focus. Since the Inhumans CAN be used in the MCU, they have appeared been featured in its TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and gotten their own eponymous series that only lasted one not-very-good season.

The Inhumans are a secret, hidden race born with the capacity for superpowers, which are activated by a substance called the Terrigen Mist. While initially confined to their own secret kingdom, the comics have had a story line where the Terrigen Mist covered the whole Earth, turning many normal people into “NuHumans”—a concept rather similar to random people becoming mutants through an X-Gene, meaning that the comics can tell X-Men style stories about a property that won’t give Fox money. The mist also threatened to poison all mutants, and the X-Men were seen as antagonists for opposing this.

With Disney and Marvel about to get the X-Men film rights, however, these characters are already coming back into prominence: currently we have the ResurrXion event, as well as the return of the previously-dead Wolverine, all while a new villain, Vox, has wiped out a huge number of Inhumans, including mostly NuHumans.

Presumably, their franchise will soon return (at least mostly) to political dramas in their own kingdom, as X-Men deals with the tension between normal people suddenly gaining new powers. Meanwhile, fans eagerly await word of when the mutants can also join the MCU.

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