Lee May and Danny Masters Reignite the Old Flame

Business Partnership with Lee May and Danny Masters

Throughout history, fruitful partnerships have often been the catalyst for the creation of great accomplishments. This dynamic can be seen in many different fields but is perhaps nowhere more effective than in the world of business, where the hard work and innovation stemming from a well-functioning partnership can rise above any number of formidable competitors. Just such a story of achievement through partnership is currently brewing in the reunion of two heavyweights in the field of property development, Lee May and Danny Masters. These two industry veterans with a long history of mutual collaboration have once again joined forces on a new project. By taking a closer look at their careers, both together and on their own, we can gain an understanding of the qualities necessary for success in this competitive industry.


Rising through the ranks

The story of Lee May and his ascent through the world of London property development is one that shows the power of hard work and determination and how it can be used to drastically change one’s circumstances for the better. A primarily self-taught entrepreneur with over two decades of experience, his time in the industry has been characterized by ambition and the single-minded pursuit of success. These traits have built him into a well-known player in his field, one with the formidable goal of becoming one of the largest developers in South East London.

Not only has the above drive made him a visible fixture in the business community, it has also seen him deal in a number of ambitious projects throughout the UK over the years. One example from his current pursuits is a scheme that has recently been approved to construct more than 600 apartments in an East London neighborhood. May has future developments planned both domestically and abroad, with one such project to be constructed on four parcels of land in Essex. That endeavor is currently projected to total more than 1000 units and will ultimately be made up of mixed-use units that will be both home-care as well as residential in nature.


Background in industry

Much of the skillset that Danny Masters has been able to establish over his career has been built through many years working at a fixture in the world of property development industry, Barratt Developments. His time at the company, which is the largest national housebuilder in the UK, spanned eighteen years and numerous roles included stints as an assistant site manager, site manager, project manager, and finally project director. At each stage of his career growth, he was able to focus on developing both his qualifications and experience in pursuit of advancement. This advancement came at an extremely rapid pace when compared with peers, with Masters being promoted to the role of project manager after only eight years.

His responsibilities during his time with the company were as varied and far-reaching as the roles he held. Much of his work focused on large-scale development projects in London and other densely populated areas. One example of this work was his operation of a 1,000-unit regeneration scheme in Surrey Quays, which resulted in the creation of a 26-story tower block. He was also tasked with numerous rehabilitation projects, such as the regeneration of the Catford dog track stadium in London, a structure which totaled 650 units.


Humble beginnings

Though the current pursuits of Lee May are far-reaching and ambitious, his start in the industry was quite modest. He began his career as a laborer but quickly realized the benefits of becoming a brickwork subcontractor and how he could use such a position to further his career ambitions. After setting that as a goal for himself, he was able to rise through the ranks until he had achieved that positions.

It was during this time in May’s life that he and Danny Masters met. Their first encounter on a building site would turn into a fortuitous long-term professional relationship built on mutual respect. After their meeting, Masters would go on to work for Lee as one of his most loyal bricklayers. Even as their immediate careers brought their focus to disparate projects, they were able to keep in touch over the years with an eye towards working together whenever possible.


Professional reunion

The opportunity to reunite in their work came about as result of May’s efforts in building the UK property development firm, Beamridge. The company, for which he acts as an advisor, has emerged as one of the UK’s leading players in the fields of development, construction, and management. These specialties have led to projects in areas such as land acquisition, residential and commercial refurbishment, and aftercare services.

After years of Lee contributing to the success of Beamridge’s pursuits, Danny Masters joined the company as Managing Director and shareholder in December 2017, a move which will help Lee continue to grow the company. With his aforementioned background of industry knowledge, Danny was brought on contemporaneously with the introduction of new initiatives within the company in order to help develop these programs as well as other aspects of the firm. In these pursuits, he has stated that the business will strive for continued expansion with an eye towards increased competitiveness. He has also highlighted a commitment towards maintaining strong control over health, safety, and quality standards at all current sites.

With so many headlines in modern culture focusing on the achievements of an individual, it is easy to lose sight of the transformative power of a strong and focused partnership. Such a collaboration, when built on the mutual strengths of the parties of which it is composed, has the potential to be a force capable of great change in even the most trying circumstances. This is the type of partnership potential we see in the reuniting of property developers Lee May and Danny Masters. By examining their personal stories above and keeping an eye on their ongoing endeavors at Beamridge, anyone who is interested in the power of a successful partnership will be able to witness it play out firsthand.

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