Mauricio Pochettino Blames Brexit for Not Signing New Footballers to the Club

Mauricio has said that Tottenham’s new stadium and UK’s exit from the European Union are the main reason why the club did not sign any new footballers during the last transfer window. During last season’s premier league contest, Maurizio urged Tottenham to be brave than before during this summer. The manager was dropping a hint of the troubled financial market that was falling them during the 2018/2019 English Premier League season. The transfer market wasn’t going to favor them during this season as plenty of cash was being spent on their new stadium. After the manager failed to sign Jack Grealish from Aston Villa, Tottenham became the first Premier League club in history to fail to make a single addition to their current squad. Since the recent pound which has been hitting a nine-month against the Euro, players from other clubs have unreasonably become expensive to most premier league clubs.

However, Mauricio didn’t just sit back and see challenge being brought to his door step. He has persuaded the likes of Harry Kane, Son Heung-Min, Davison Sanchez, Harry Winks and Erick Lamella to sign long-term contracts. So far, the Argentine seems satisfied of how Spurs has shown the ambition of doing him that favor. The manager explained that whatever the club was doing was so brave. Constructing a new training ground, completing the player’s lodge during the summer is a massive investment that every Spurs player will enjoy. The club has constructed a stadium that nearly costs 1 billion Euros. Mauricio noted this was the actual figure leave alone the 400,000 Euros that the club management had announced. Then, there was an issue with Brexit that was becoming worse. It cost 30% more. Mauricio noted that it was a pity for the English people.

However, he applauded the club for keeping the best players. It was a brave move. Mauricio confirmed that at the back of many people’s minds, Tottenham had not signed any new player, but it was b, rave to maintain the best players. The Aston Villa player Grealish was targeted at the start of the summer, but the 25 million Euro bid was rejected by the club on Tuesday morning. The new Aston villa billionaires rejected the bid saying that their homegrown player wasn’t leaving the club until further notice. Mauricio congratulated the club for not falling into the temptation of making the signing during the last minute which could have messed up the projects going on at their new stadium.Mauricio Pochettino

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