Spanish Giants Barcelona Have Announced the Signing of Winger Malcolm.

Barcelona, the Spanish giants, had managed to secure the signature of Brazilian winger Malcolm before AS Roma did. The Italian giants were also reported to have been interested in the player. Roma had announced a deal that had earlier been agreed by France’s side Bordeaux for the sign of the Brazilian winger. However, Barcelona turned the tables for Roma during the last minutes of the transfer window. Barcelona came offering a better deal that surpassed the deal offered by the Italian football club. Also, it’s understood that the player gained more interest to play for the Spanish giant. He wanted to play alongside influential players like Lionel Messi and Luiz Suarez. He wanted to feel the winning breeze inside the Camp Nou stadium. Malcolm is aged 21 years old. He had managed to score 12 goals for his French club in the 35 matches that he started last season. The player was strongly linked with the English side Arsenal. The Gunners did not manage to sign him as both clubs didn’t agree to a deal.

They pulled out of the deal as the price for the winger had been hiked by the French Club. This was after the youngster’s form had brimmed. However, his form again dropped during the second half of the Ligue 1 season. That’s when Bordeaux agreed to let the player find greener pastures. They had initially agreed to sell him for 40 million euros. The deal attracted the attention of the club. The Italian giant agreed to sign the player for 43 million euros. The club even announced that the only thing that was remaining was his medical report. The Spanish giants marched salivating at the offer and managed to convince the young player back to the club. He was promised a brighter future at Camp Nou, where he was going to earn a better wage similar to the one that the Romans were offering him.

Malcolm could not resist the offer. He went for the pen and placed his signature on the papers. English side Everton are reported to be interested in Watford’s midfielder, Richarlison, who is anticipated will leave the wolves for the Toffees. The transfer will be worth 49 million euros. Barcelona had earlier offered Chelsea 55million Euros for the wide man Willian, but the blues openly refused the deal. They are reported to be interested in the services of their 29-year-old, especially in this summer’s league campaign.

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