Unai Emery Set to Engineer His Squad.

Former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, together with Tim Sherwood rarely had much in common. However, both managers left their successors the same similar task. To start over at a vast club like Arsenal is not an easy task. Sweeping everything away and having a clean start is indeed a daunting task. Unai must agree that this a challenging task for him. Despite the task presented before him, Unai Emery is among the very few lucky managers in the world of football club management. His first game will be against Manchester City that will be played on Sunday. The game will be more than just the Gunners having a new manager. The game will be the beginning of a new era for the club. It’s the first game for the club in line with a more advanced game.

The new adventure for the Arsenal football club will heighten its originality during this weekend’s tournament. Also, it will heighten the size of Unai Emery’s new job. According to history, most managers arrive at their new clubs expecting to build upon what the previous managers had left. They expect to inherit the team, switch a little, improve on it and slowly better the team to the next level. That’s how most football teams evolve. The Gunners don’t have the luxury. The club is in a tricky situation especially after the years of drift under Wenger’s management. The club slithered slowly away from the premier league race and currently does not stand a chance at the UEFA Champions League. Now, its 14 years since they won the Premier League title. Subsequently, its ten years since they ever competed for the champions league title. What Arsenal are craving for now is a fresh start that they have not had since the year 1996.

Unai Emery didn’t excite everyone when he took over Arsenal. However, the manager has an impressive style of management that has a clear philosophy and clue of how he wants his team to play. This made him the best-suited manager to deliver this kind of relaunch. The manager is full of fresh ideas. His football is possessive, full of hard running, aggressive and full of defensive shape. So far, he has started to instill the style in his new players. Unai Emery needs something to keep on ticking over. If Unai feels the need to look for an example to follow, maybe on how to rebuild a team right from scratch, he will have to look miles away.

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