The China-US War to Haunt the World Even After Trumps Tenure

Political leaders and investors in China are warned that the battle will not end soon. Jack Ma, the co-founder of the Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, goes on to explain that the war will have much more impact beyond the expectations of most people. Besides, the wealthy Chinese man says that the first growing war may get extended for over twenty years which includes a period even after the administration of Trump. The battle experienced is on economy supremacy between the United States and China. During the Alibaba’s investors day session, Ma made it clear that China requires making stronger its economy to deal with the disputes as well as move its trade from the US to parts like Southeast Asia or Africa. Besides, Ma stated that short-term trading communities in US Europe and China would be in distress. He adds that the war will continue for a protracted period as long as short-term solutions are applied.

The comments made by the rich man Mr Ma came after China swore to hit back against the rival US. The tariff increase of imported goods worth around $200 billion to the US has brought about the hot discussion and mixed reactions. Rendering to the fact that Alibaba allows American investors to source goods from China, the rising tension is expected to affect the company’s operations adversely. However, the co-founder is optimistic by pointing that despite that the business shall tremble from the war other companies will utilize the chance to invest.

However, the co-founder of the holding Ltd informed Chinese that they need not count on the current, next quarter or profit from the coming year. Mr Ma identifies the retaliation as a significant growth opportunity. Besides, he points out that in case his company will not grow, no other firm in China will develop. The co-founder shows a hundred percent confidence in the statement he makes since he is backed by his position as an ambassador of China to the US. Nonetheless, Alibaba’s shares dropped by 9% by Tuesday owing to the antagonism of the United States and China.

After the buildup of the war extended, Ma gave up the chairmanship post to the executive general. The action taken by the co-founder is with no doubt his support for the nation. He commented that in case the United States is determined to impose the levy, then China must also shift their trade. Directing a statement to the organization, Mr Ma said that people should learn to hide when a problem comes and goes on to believe the new chairman will portray wisdom to combat for the future.

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