Lime Crime Has 15 Beauty Products to Perfect For Fall in 2018

No matter where you live in the world, fall fashion is something pretty much every woman looks forward to. When the leaves start falling and the weather starts to get a little cooler, fall’s biggest trends start to roll out. These trends include knee-high boots, off-the-shoulder sweaters, and textured patterns. But there’s another aspect of fall fashion that gets everyone excited: makeup.

Fall beauty trends fluctuate every season, but there are a few commonalities from year to year. The first major beauty trend for fall is incorporating jewel tones and other deep, dark colors. These colors come in the form of eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzers, but the biggest seasonal color change is found in lipsticks.

However you express your personal style, there are plenty of fall beauty trends that can take your look from sunny summer to cozy, whimsical fall. Today we’re putting together a list of fall 2018’s top beauty trends. From yearly color changes to this year’s top favorite makeup products, this is an all-access pass to everything fall beauty. Lime Crime, a top makeup brand that offers cruelty-free and vegan products, has all of this season’s go-to beauty products and will provide you with everything from trending lip kits to everyday eyeshadow palettes.

Here are 15 makeup and beauty products to try this season:

A dark, waterproof lip liner

If you haven’t heard the news, let us be the first to inform you that lip liner came back from the ‘90s into the year of 2018. And as one of the most iconic beauty trends in history, we don’t think lip liner will be disappearing again anytime soon.

These days, one major beauty tip of bloggers, fashionistas, and makeup companies everywhere is to accentuate your lip look by defining the line around your lips. You don’t have to go overboard and pretend as if your lip line is more extended than it really is, though, because lip liner is a magical tool. Whether you have thin, voluptuous, or average-sized lips, lip liner will work its charm by showing off whatever lips you have.

Not only does lip liner draw the eye to the curvy, beautiful shape of your lips, it can also keep your lipstick in place. Lime Crime recently released an entirely new collection of lip liners in a variety of color options. One big benefit of this product line is that they’re waterproof, so you can say goodbye to wondering lip liner that’ll smudge all over your face. The Velvetines Lip Liner in smokey red is the perfect color for fall. You can pair it with practically any cozy, fashionable, and textured look this season.

Matte, deep red lipstick

Now that you have the perfect deep red lip liner picked out, it’s time to pair it with a silky, sexy, and deep red lipstick to match. The new Velvetines Lip Liner collection was created to perfectly coincide with the Velvetines Matte Lipstick collection. By combining a liner and a lipstick, you’re creating a personalized lip kit that will last you all season.

To go along with the smokey red liner above, choose the Wicked Matte color. With a blood red hue, this lipstick will give you a silky smooth matte finish that will last for hours on end. Another fun fact about this lipstick is that it’s infused with vanilla, so your lips will smell good, too. Plus, each Matte Velvetines is vegan and cruelty-free, so you won’t be feeling guilty about products that are tested on animals or made with animal products.

With your lips all ready to hit the town, let’s focus on your look. When wearing dark red lipstick, you can get away with a lot of different outfits. But we suggest going with a super cozy, super soft oversized sweater in beige or white. Pair that with black or dark jeans, then give your sweater a little French tuck. Finally, you can wear this look with your favorite over-the-knee or studded ankle boots for some edge. You’ll be ready to hit up a late-night concert or drinks with friends.

Eyeshadow palette with reds, pinks, and nudes

Besides your lips, there are many ways to vamp up your fall makeup look with the season’s top colors. Eyeshadow is an easy enough makeup product to switch out when the colder weather hits. For your eyes, look for deep reds, sultry purples, and soft pinks. This color combination will give your eyes some depth while not looking over done.

Since you’ll want to mix and match colors, why not find a product that offers them all in one place? Lime Crime’s Venus Eyeshadow Palette offers eight colors that are perfectly on trend for fall 2018. Icon is a dark brown that can be used to accentuate the curve of your eyelid. Muse can add a burst of color. And Divine can tie the look together with its soft lavender hue. If you’re not sure how to apply colors in the palette, Lime Crime offers a video tutorial.

With this mix of colors, you’ll be ready to go on a date in the city or hit up a holiday party. You can go classic with a little black dress, or you can add some fun with a sparkly gold blouse and dark jeans.

Liquid lipstick bundle

Every girl knows that once you find a favorite lipstick or makeup product, you’ll want start buying it in bulk. Since Lime Crime wants all of its beauty-obsessed followers to have plenty of their favorites floating around, the company put together a few different lipstick bundles. They all include a few different colors, which makes it easy to have one in your gym bag, one in the car, and one for those fun nights out.

If you’ve tried and fell in love with the Matte Velvetines collection, this is one bundle you shouldn’t pass up. For less than $50, the Feelins Liquid Lipstick bundle includes three shades: Feelins, Cherub, and Passionfruit. Each three are again cruelty-free and vegan, plus they are longwear lip colors, lasting for hours and through any goodnight kiss.

A nude lip liner for everyday wear

If you’re still not convinced that lip liner has come back for good, we’re asking you to reconsider for the sake of your next lip look. You might be the type of girl that wears lipstick every day, even during most hours of the day. Or you might be the type that wears it for special occasions only. Either way, introducing a nude lip liner is something you definitely have to try.

On your lighter lipstick days, imagine having to reapply every couple of hours, after every sip of water, or after you finish your lunch. Now imagine not having to reapply all day. We think the latter is a better deal. That’s why we’re obsessed with Lime Crime’s Velvetines Lip Liner in apricot nude. It’ll give your lips some definition, while also ensuring your favorite nude gloss or lipstick stays where it’s supposed to.

While you’re adding this lip liner to your collection, you should also consider its counterpart, the matching apricot nude Matte Velvetines lipstick. It’s also long-lasting, so once these two go on your lips, you’re good to go for hours and hours.

Unicorn highlighter palette

Whether you’ve been using face highlighter for years, or you saw one of your favorite beauty bloggers using it recently, highlighter is a beauty product that can add some sweet satisfaction to your makeup look. Highlighter can take your skin from looking dry and dull to sun-kissed and shimmery.

Even if our days by the pool are limited in the fall, highlighter can give you a glow without having to face the harsh sun. This Hi-Lite palette from Lime Crime is a staple product that you should always have on hand during the year’s cold months. It has three colors: electric pink, green, and mauve-gold. The pink will match perfectly with a light makeup day. The green will add a pop of color to your full-face look. And the mauve-gold will give you all that glow. You can also mix them together for a full electric highlighter effect.

Sparkly lip kit bundle

Since we know that lip kits are the next big thing in beauty right now, we had to show off the Lime Crime BFF Bundle. In this lip kit bundle, you’ll get the famous Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick in bright red, plus the Diamond Crushers Lip Topper in glittery pink. Could there be a perfect pairing?

With this red and pink combo, you’ll be ready for a sightseeing day, a romantic dinner for two, or a holiday party at the office. The weather might be cold and brisk, but your lips will look bright and on-point.

Perfect maroon brown hair color

Are you ready for a more permanent beauty trend for fall 2018? This trend has nothing to do with your face and everything to do with your hair. If you really want to take your fall fashion and style up a notch, dying your hair might be the updated look you need this season.

This season’s top hair colors for fall includes dark red, cappuccino blonde, and black-brown. But there’s another unique color that can be seen all over fashion week: maroon-brown. Lime Crime has a full hair color collection, which includes little packets of color, temporary colors, and semi-permanent. The brand’s fantasy hair color in Chestnut is a great way to change up your look without doing something drastic like cutting your hair.

This color formula looks best on blondes and those with light brown hair. It’s also damage-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. You can see photos of others wearing this color on the Lime Crime website.

Favorite fall eyeshadow palette

Besides pinks, reds, and purples, there are several other eyeshadow colors you should add to your collection for the chilly fall season ahead. Fall eyeshadow colors include mustard yellows, burnt oranges, mud reds, and navy blues.

For these colors and more, all in one place, check out the Venus 2 eyeshadow palette. For less than $50, you’ll get eight different shades that can be mixed and matched for a fashionable everyday look. These colors can also carry you into the other seasons, so it’s a convenient eyeshadow palette year-round. In this palette, there’s also a sparkly grey for those holiday parties, plus a black-blue with sparkles, which can give you that coveted smokey eye.

Rosey pink liner for a flirty look

Another go-to lip color, no matter what the season, is soft pink. You can wear this color to work, the grocery store, on a date, to a concert, or even when you just want to feel made up at home. Plus, soft pink lipstick colors look good on practically any skin tone. But if you want this look to last, we again suggest pairing it with lip liner.

With over 20 color options, Lime Crime’s collection of lip liners offers pretty much every color, from dark reds and purples to light pinks and beiges. The Pinky Swear shade can prep your lips for an array of lipstick colors, whether you’re going in the pink, beige, or orange direction. This lip liner will give you a burst of color and will keep your lipstick from smudging. It’s even kiss-proof.

Lime Crime’s Pinky Swear

If you want to match the Pinky Swear lip liner color with its Matte Velvetines partner, you’ll want to look at the Cherub shade. With both of these combined, you can be confident that your lip color will last from its first application to the end of the day.

Charcoal-grey hair color

If you’re interested in transforming your hair this season, look no further than the full-coverage hair color collection from Lime Crime. You can find a variety of color options, including pink, purple, peach, green, and blue. But one of our favorites is the Charcoal Grey hair color.

Rather than making you look aged and grandmother-ish, Lime Crime’s grey hair color will have you looking on-trend and fresh this season. This color won’t damage your hair, and it’s only semi-permanent. This color is suggested for those with light blonde or brown hair for its full grey effect.

Eyeshadow that brightens on a gloomy day

For the days that you want to stay away from dark eyeshadow colors, look to the brand-new Plushies Quad eyeshadow palettes by Lime Crime. It might be snowing, raining, or cold as hell outside, but this collection of brightly colored eyeshadows will have you look inspired by spring.

This particular palette includes four colors: Chocolate milk, Rosebud, Melon Smoothie, and Blueberry. You can mix the brown color with one of the lighter tones to stay within the fall season with a pop of color. This palette collection also comes in Fresh Squeezed, which has more pink and orange colors.

Nude lipstick in ‘90s brown

By now, you’re probably thanking the ‘90s for giving us access to its lip liners. But there’s another makeup product from this decade that we’re loving for fall: nude lipstick. Nude lipstick isn’t just for those who aren’t allowed to wear vibrant colors to work. It’s for anyone who wants their lips to shine, without having to wear bright red or purple.

Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetines in Shroom is a blast from the past in a good way. It’s a soft nude shade with just the right balance of creamy beige and vanilla brown. If you want to go even lighter, we suggest the Matte Velvetines in Lulu. It’s more of a peachy-pink nude shade that goes well with rosey tones.

lime crime matte velvetines in shroom shade

Redish black glossy lipstick

Now we’re going to tell you about a lipstick that’s pretty much the exact opposite of nude. Lime Crime is famous for its variety of lipsticks. From matte to sparkly to glossy, pretty much everyone can find a shade and a finish they’ll love.

A recently launched product, Lime Crime’s Wet Cherry Gloss is basically what it sounds like. It’s the glossiest of glosses out there, without melting all over your face or attracting those fly-away hairs. Wet Cherry Gloss comes in 14 shades, ranging from nude to the darkest of dark shades. One color that we’re loving for fall is Black Cherry. This shade is a mix between red, purple, and black tones, but it’s a little more pretty than it is goth.

You can wear a deep, super dark shade like this with a variety of different fashion looks. We like the balance of going light on your makeup with this dark color as your lipstick. You could also do a light cat eye with this shade, as it goes with just about any beauty look. The nice thing about dark lipstick is that you can wear it during a fancy night out, or you can pair it down with jeans, a white t-shirt, and some leather booties.

Sparkly eyeshadow for a night out

Whether you’re going out with a big group of friends or you’re getting ready for a special event, you can’t forget about your eyeshadow. It can really pull your look together, whether you’re wearing something casual or something floor-length.

One of our favorite products for fall from Lime Crime is the Diamond Dew collection of sparkly eyeshadows. There are 10 colors to choose from, or you can collect them all for under $200. This fall’s top Diamond Dew shade has to be the chocolate color. It’s a mix between velvety brown and diamond sparkles, and it’ll light up your eyes no matter what you’re wearing. If you’re looking for a color that’ll be more toned down for the work week, go with the Starlight shade, a light beige that’s packed with sparkle.

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