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Chris Burch is an American investor and entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he has been involved in a wide range of business ventures over a forty-year time period. Although Burch Creative Capital is headquartered in New York City, it has participated in venture investments all over the world. Mr. Burch is a billionaire, as reported by Forbes Magazine in its annual issue detailing The World’s Billionaires.




Mr. Burch began his career as an entrepreneur when he started Eagle’s Eye apparel while in college. The company first bought and sold sweaters, after which it partnered with a factory to produce its own brand. The company was eventually sold for appropriately $60 million. Burch helped his then wife, Tori Burch, to launch her own fashion label in 2004. He invested a significant amount of equity capital into the business and served as its co-chairman. The company’s value has since been estimated at $3.5 billion or more. Other companies that he has launched since that time include C. Wonder, a retailer of home decor, accessories and apparel. C. Wonder has since been purchased by Xcel Brands.


Investment Banking


Burch Creative Capital was founded for the purposes of incubating new brands and discovering new investments. As an investor, Mr. Burch has participated in the success of more than fifty companies. He has a unique set of creative skills that he combines with sound financial practices to disrupt brands and to incubate and support disruptive businesses. Burch Creative Capital’s investment philosophy depends on the vision of Mr. Burch and his ability to lead the company into novel market opportunities. The organization currently is supporting a wide range of consumer products that span from apparel and home furnishings to organic foods.




Mr. Burch is well known for his philanthropic activities and his charitable projects. He has contributed funding to Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York and to NYU Langone Medical Center. His contributions to Mt. Sinai help to support a number of ongoing research activities, including wellness and allergies. At NYU Langone, he champions efforts to optimize the communications between physicians and patients to promote compassion, caring, and empathy through the use of educational curriculum.

Chris Burch also provides support to the Sumba Foundation whose aim is to provide humanitarian aid to the Sumbanese people. This includes various projects that impact health, nutrition and income generation. Through his efforts, many facilities have been constructed, including schools, water wells, and medical clinics.

Burch also has been an ardent supporter of higher education. He has donated generously to his alma maters, which include Tilton School in New Hampshire and Ithaca College in New York. His contributions provided for an outdoor turf field at Burch Athletic Field, a scholarship fund for entrepreneurs, and competitions held at the business schools.


Real Estate


Mr. Burch and several partners have participated in many real estate investments over the years, including hotels, condos, and luxury homes. He purchased a luxury home in Southampton, New York in 2005 for $14 million. After renovating the property, he sold it four months later for $25 million. In 2006, Burch founded J.B. Christopher, a company that supplies construction materials to real estate developers.


Other Investments


Burch has participated in numerous other investments, including full-length films, internet IPOs, telecommunications, online office retailing, vacation resorts, and fashion. Some of the companies he has been associated with include:


  • Internet Capital Group
  • Aliph
  • Powermat
  • Poppin
  • Nihi Sumba
  • BaubleBar
  • ED by Ellen


Solid & Striped





Board Service


Burch has served on the board or as an officer for several businesses and organizations, including the following:


  • Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation
  • The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board
  • Guggenheim Partners
  • The Continuum Group
  • Tilton School


Nihi Sumba Resort

Burch has investment interests around the world, including a real estate resort known as Nihi Sumba, which has been named one of the best hotels in the world. While travelers might expect to find such a hotel in New York City or Tokyo, this one is located on a remote island in Indonesia. Nihi Sumba began its new life as a luxury resort in 2012 when Burch joined hotelier James McBride in buying the property from its previous owner. After $30 million worth of renovations over a three-year period, the hotel was reopened as a five-star resort. The resort is the largest local employer and donates a percentage of the resort’s profits to the Sumba Foundation, a philanthropic organization that funds various projects on the island.


In lieu of high-rise hotels that dwarf the beaches, Nihi Sumba is made up of private villas, each with its own plunge pool. Some of the pools offer a view of Nihiwatu Beach and the Indian Ocean. The resort also contains a large indoor-outdoor entertaining area. If a visitor has a mind to, they can stay in the Tree House villa. The three-room villa features a balcony, bedroom and bathroom. The main tree house has an infinity pool and a living room. The villas are decorated in a local theme chosen by Burch and McBride.


The resort also features a spa located on the beach. In-room spa services also are available. A wellness center offers private instruction classes, including yoga. A guest has the opportunity to go surfing, take a guided hike to a waterfall or go horseback riding.


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