Devastation After Massive Earthquake And Volcano In Indonesia

A recent earthquake in Indonesia has triggered a tsunami. There is also a volcano that has erupted only days after these devastating acts of nature. Mount Soputan erupted only a few days after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake rocked Indonesia. Smoke from the volcano could be seen from miles away. At least 1,300 people have been killed as a result of the earthquake with more deaths expected in the coming days as rescuers try to locate people who are missing and search through the rubble.

Officials in Indonesia have issued warnings to those who are still in the area and haven’t evacuated. There could be significant lava flows as well as ash clouds that cover homes and buildings. Those who live within a few miles of the volcano have been asked to leave until it’s safe to go back home. Although there is no direct correlation of the earthquake triggering the volcano, some scientists are investigating and suspect that the earthquake did trigger the eruption.

There are numerous volcanoes that are active in Indonesia as the area sits on the Ring of Fire. After hearing about the devastation in Indonesia, President Donald Trump reached out to offer any assistance that might be needed to rebuild. Aside from the high number of deaths as a result of the earthquake, there are hundreds of people who have been injured. Homes have been destroyed with more devastation to occur if the volcano continues to erupt or if there is another earthquake. Several roads are blocked, preventing people from leaving even if they wanted to get away from the area. Since the roads are blocked, it has been difficult to get food, medications, gas, and other essential items to the people who need them. Palu has been hit the hardest with more than 60,000 people displaced with nowhere to turn.

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