Eviction Notices Sent Out Because Of Government Shutdown

The government shutdown is impacting many people across the country, including those who rely on housing assistance for a place to live. Annette Cowen is a landlord who rents homes to those who have lower incomes in Arkansas. She recently warned tenants who live in some of the homes with higher rent amounts that they could be evicted because of the shutdown since money is not being received for the housing program. She has also asked that those who live in the apartments she rents to pay higher rent amounts than what they have been paying if they pay a partial payment in order to make up the difference since she is not receiving the full rent from the USDA.

Tenants received a notice that they have until January 20 to pay the difference for the portion of the rent that the government doesn’t pay. If the tenants can’t make the payment by that date, then they would be evicted. Both apartment complexes that Cowen owns received the same notice. Tenants are trying to find any kind of help that they can get to make their payments so that they have a home to live in as the officials in Washington continue to try to find a solution to end the shutdown.

There are elderly people who only receive social security payments and who don’t have the extra money to pay their rent. They are living in low-income homes because they need help. Most of the people who live in the complex are unsure how they will come up with the money and fear that they will have nowhere to live. Some tenants have children they can live with, but there are some who have no one in the area. This is a scene that is being seen in states across the country aside from Arkansas.

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