Organo Gold: What is the Northwestern Coffee Culture All About?

In many cases, trends and cultural movements are recognized long after they have taken hold and become the new normal. That may very well be the case for the coffee culture that permeates in the Northwest, with includes the United States and extends about 100 miles north, through the Vancouver, BC Metropolitan Area.

It’s no secret that big names, such as Starbucks, have generated plenty of attention, but the true coffee culture in the Northwest existed long before the origin of lucrative chains. For decades, tiny coffee houses have been a favorite way for true coffee aficionados to get an authentic cup of our most beloved beverage. What were the true origins of the coffee culture that still holds a dear place in the hearts of many Americans and where does Organo Gold fit in that culture?

The History of America’s Coffee Culture

Who doesn’t love and appreciate a warm cup of their favorite coffee? For many Americans all across the country, it’s the perfect way to get energized for the day’s activities. Although most of us have coffee makers at home ranging from simplistic models to elaborate machines, millions still head outdoors to our favorite coffee shops to shell out five dollars or more for a steaming cup of Joe or a much-loved latte.

Although coffee remains a favorite drink all across the United States, the Northwestern U.S. is well-known for its affinity for coffee in all its forms. Several global brands such as Seattle’s Best Coffee, Starbucks, and Tully’s Coffee hail from the ‘Great Northwest’. These companies certainly have played a significant role in expanding the coffee experience; shining a spotlight on the American love affair with this favorite warm drink. However, the modern love affair with coffee began in small, neighborhood coffee shops. And, it turns out, that the Northwest is full of tiny coffee houses, bakeries, and other Mom-and-Pop storefronts that continue to attract large crowds of people every day for that cup of coffee.


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The Northwest takes coffee very seriously. There’s no ordering a basic cup of coffee in these parts. A broad selection of different types of coffee beans all yields different flavors and brews of very different strengths. Plus, there is an almost limitless selection of extras to accompany your drink. Various milk selections, pouring styles, and creative additions such as syrups that can further enhance the overall experience.


Whether you prefer your coffee warm or cold, most baristas in this part of the country take their jobs very seriously and are happy to explain what goes into every cup; all served up with a shot of passion and a dollop of love.

What is Organo Gold?

Organo Gold, now known as ORGANO, is a global company celebrating its 10th year in operations. They are purveyors of premium specialty coffee and tea brews with some very unique ingredients, including Ganoderma and other beneficial ingredients.

What is Ganoderma?

Ganoderma Lucidum is one of the main ingredients used in ORGANO coffee blends. Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as Reishi, is a specific type of mushroom that is prized in numerous countries and cultures; touted as beneficial on many different levels.

Organo Gold is based out of Richmond, B.C.

More Than Just a Product

One thing that sets ORGANO apart from other coffee companies is that the Company offers far more than a premium product. As one of the leading global network marketing companies, people who fall in love with the products also have the business opportunity to make money by distributing ORGANO products. In addition to selling ORGANO products to your customers, there is also the opportunity to sign up new distributors. It’s an opportunity to potentially build a lucrative business.

ORGANO was founded in 2008. Since that time, the Company has become one of the fastest growing global brands of its type. In addition to a variety of coffees containing additional beneficial ingredients, ORGANO also provides access to an array of exotic tea blends, hot chocolate, and personal care items such as soaps infused with Ganoderma and other beneficial ingredients.

ORGANO is focused on bringing positive change to the lives of others through quality, premium products and an incredible business opportunity.

ORGANO core values are focused on unity, loyalty and edification. The company is more of a family – with distributors and staff treating others with care and concern. Through encouraging a strong entrepreneurial spirit in others, the ORGANO culture demonstrates success can be achieved for those willing to put forth the effort and believe in the possibilities.

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