Coast Guard Lieutenant Planned Domestic Terror Attacks

Authorities arrested a lieutenant in the United States Coast Guard who planned to kill innocent civilians on a scale that can only be described as extremely disturbing. Court documents show the lieutenant identified himself as a white nationalist and had stockpiled a cache of weapons to facilitate the attacks.

Christopher Paul Hasson worked for the Coast Guard at their headquarters in Washington D.C. He lived in a Maryland suburb not too far away from where he worked. Hasson devised a list of targets he would execute that included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Joe Scarborough, a host on MSNBC.

Prosecutors referred to Hasson as a domestic terrorist when he was arrested on Friday. He was charged with felonies involving both weapons and drugs.

Prosecutors released excerpts from a draft Hasson penned in June of 2017. In the draft, Hasson spoke of his desire to kill the majority of people on earth. He toyed with ways to carry out his purge before coming to the conclusion a plague would be the most successful way to obtain his objective. He said he would find a way to obtain the poison or disease necessary to instigate the plague. He spoke of possibly using anthrax, botulism, or the Spanish Flu to decimate the population of the planet.

A hearing to deny bail for Hasson and keep him in custody until he goes to trial is scheduled for Thursday.

The Coast Guard released a statement confirming one of their own had been arrested. However, officials for the Coast Guard informed media outlets it is their policy to not comment on current investigations.

The Federal Public Defenders Office in Maryland also declined to comment on the pending case.

Prosecutors explain 15 guns and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition were discovered in Hasson’s home. Prosecutors say he had been stockpiling the weapon and ammunition for at least a couple of years. His neighbors in Silver Springs, Maryland expressed shock to learn someone so close to them had such evil intentions.

One inspiration for Hasson seems to be Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. In 2011, Brevik set off a car bomb that killed eight people and shot 69 more innocent civilians dead. Many of the people killed by Brevik were teenagers attending a Labour Party camp. Brevik received the 21-year maximum prison term in Norway. A manifesto written by Brevik was found during the search of Hasson’s home.

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