Barbara Stokes and GSH of Huntsville Provide Local Charity with Weighty Donation

Green Structure Homes of Alabama recently announced the donation of new building materialsto Habitat for Humanity of Madison County. For those who have not heard of GSH of Alabama, the company is a disaster relief contractor based out of Huntsville Alabama. GSH of Alabama constructs fully customizable, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient modular homes tocommunities looking to rebuild after natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. As a Woman-Owned Small Business, GSH of Alabama understands the importance of shelter on theindividual and the family. This is in part why the Huntsville company chose to contribute to the excellent work of Habitat for Humanity.

As GSH of Alabama has its own in-house manufacturing facility, the company deals in high-
quality building supplies. But when GSH of Alabama decided to donate to Habitat for Humanity of Madison County, they did not send over scrap or left-over materials. Instead, Habitat for Humanity received new building materials that included over a thousand sheets of Drywall, a truckload of Hardie Fascia, and over 80,000 square feet of Linoleum flooring. Drywall, of course, is used to decrease mildew and water absorption and to increase fire resistance. Hardie Fascia offer’s protection from outer elements while giving a finished look to any home. Linoleum flooring is especially useful during the rain and flood season in Madison County. But all the materials that GSH of Alabama will be used by Habitat for Humanity of Madison County to help eradicate housing instability in the county.

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GSH of Alabama used its in-house logistics to transport five semi-truck loads of these building supplies from its manufacturing facility to Habitat for Humanity of Madison County in Huntsville. From design, engineering, fleet maintenance, and warehousing, GSH of Alabama takes a holistic approach to the disaster relief industry. The full development project management team at GSH is poised to conduct feasibility studies, analysis, land planning, infrastructure, utility and foundations services. GSH of Alabama’s CEO commented, “GSH is very fortunate to have a talented design and engineering team in-house. I work closely with the team every single day to see that ideas are brought efficiently from concept to production.” GSH of Alabama serves government and private sector customers; anyone interested in owning complete turn-key manufactured homes. To date, GSH of Alabama has completed hundreds of commercial and residential structures for the private sector that involved engineering, land planning, installation of underground utilities, on-site construction, and installation of structures. But GSH of Alabama does more than just manufactured housing; the company also built UL-rated level 8 bullet resistant modular guard shacks and security gates for the military.

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Habitat for Humanity of Madison County was thrilled to receive such a generous donation from GSH of Alabama as the nonprofit relies on donations and volunteers to solve the long-term challenges of sustainable and affordable housing of the county. Habitat for Humanity partners with its clients by offering homes at cost and also financing those costs with a 0% interest loan. Along with a host of Habitat for Humanity volunteers, clients are expected to contribute to the construction of their homes through “sweat equity” investments. Another requirement to receiving the aid of Habitat for Humanity is a 55-hour homeownership and financial literacy class that client must complete before their home’s closing. These classes cover information such as home repairs, being a good neighbor, conflict resolution, landscaping, community improvement, mortgages. Once clients are in their new homes Habitat for Humanity offers Family Services Staff to give direction and instruction on financial and social services concerns.

“GSH is thrilled these materials are going to good use,” said Barbara Stokes, Chief Executive Officer. “Habitat for Humanity does excellent work here in the Huntsville area, and we are proud to help support their mission.” Nothing would excite the company more than for its donation to spark a more rooted culture of generosity and volunteering in Madison County. There are three ways to join GSH of Alabama in supporting the efforts of Habitat for Humanity of Madison County. People and companies can make further donations, volunteer their time to help with construction or non-construction services, or get involved with Habitat’s ReStore business.

To get more information about any of these methods of contribution call 256-533-
2282 or check out the Habitat for Humanity of Madison County’s website.

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  1. This is great news. I love seeing positive things like this in the morning. It is a great way to start your day. It makes me want to pass it forward to others! Great work Barbara!

  2. What a generous donation Barbara Stokes and GSH has given to this community. These people are the first to help when disaster hits and habitat for humanity is always helping communities. Nice to read some positive news

  3. Great to see GSH Alabama provides local charity. People are facing severe problem to manage a affordable housing. I think GSH of Alabama will make it possible.

  4. Its great that there are programs like this that dont try to send used or old supplies but realize the damage these natural disasters cause to homes and there occupants and send new supplies to build new and better homes. Its programs like this that show there is still compassion in todays societys.

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