New Walking Dead Spinoff Could Focus on Past Characters

Last week, AMC announced that it was actively developing a second spinoff for its zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead. New insights have recently been revealed about the proposed project. Scott Gimple, the chief content officer of both The Walking Dead and its first spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, said that future entries in the franchise could see the return of characters from both series’ past and new settings. Elaborating, Gimple said that future entries in the franchise could take place in different time periods than the current shows, both in the past and in the future. This possibility has given fans reason to hope for stories centered on favorite characters that have long since died in The Walking Dead universe, notably Abraham and the Governor.

As fans know, Abraham was a major fixture on The Walking Dead, making great headway when the group finally settled in the safe zone of Alexandria. Played by actor Michael Cudlitz, Abraham was the first victim of the psychotic Negan in season seven. Fans were shocked to see a recording of Abraham on Fear the Walking Dead last season. The recording was of an interview the character conducted while he still lived in Texas prior to traveling to Virginia. Meanwhile, Governor actor David Morrissey said that he would love to return to the character in any possible way. As fans of the series know, Morrissey’s character was the subject of several spinoff books, showing the character’s history before his first confrontation with Rick’s group.

Avi Youabian and Nick Bernadone, who helmed The Walking Dead digital shorts Red Machete and Flight 462, said in an interview with Deadline Hollywood that characters like Abraham and the Governor are among the top choices to lead future entries in the franchise. Youabian and Bernadone elaborate that characters like Abraham and the Governor often didn’t get the screen time enjoyed by main characters like Rick and Michonne. As established characters already have a built-in audience, it makes the most sense for AMC to tailor future series to exploring these characters.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC each Sunday.

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