Game of Thrones’ Cleganebowl Reaches a Proper Conclusion

Game of Thrones penultimate episode featured many shocks, twists, and surprises. “The Bells” featured cruel twists as a beloved character turned purely evil. One event did appear as expected. The Hound finally battled The Mountain in the epic “Cleganebowl” confrontation. The actual battle played out somewhat conventionally, but few fans were left disappointed. A running subplot featuring popular and misunderstood character finally came to an end.

Cleganebowl refers to the inevitable confrontation between Sandor “The Hound” Clegane and his brother Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane. The animosity between the two started when they were children. The Mountain shoved his younger brother’s face into a fire disfiguring him. The Hound grew up to become a brutal fighter and killer for the king. Throughout his life, he swore revenge on his brother. Eight seasons of Game of Thrones slowly built up to the final confrontation.

The final battle garnered an unexpected twist. The Mountain nearly died after being poisoned during a trial by combat. A strange procedure kept him alive after turning him into a “Frankenstein Monster Zombie” being. Since he is now a member of the living dead, killing him proves even more difficult. And the task of killing one of the greatest fighters in King’s Landing was never an easy, if possible, task.

The final fight scene followed a conventional path. The heroic figure scores a fluke victory after suffering a brutal beating. The victory, however, was bittersweet as The Hound sacrificed his life to take out The Mountain.

The physical battle drew interest because fans felt compelled to follow the themes driving it. The path to revenge leads to self-destruction. The Hound, essentially, says as much right before walking into the confrontation.

The subplot reached a satisfying conclusion. Fans found much to criticize during the final season, but Cleganebowl turned out well.

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