Lindsey Graham Just Confirmed His Love For The Trumpster

The Chinese dropped their rice bowls when Trump said they reneged on the trade agreement. They reminded Trump the deal was done months ago. But he backed out of the deal at the last minute. Now that tariffs are in play in the trade talks there may never be an agreement that sticks to their Chinese governmental bones, according to Chinese scholars.

A Chinese official said China will still hold talks with Trump. But he can’t ask them to pull their pants down and let him stick intellectual property issues up their ass again. China wants to make a deal, but if they don’t they don’t act like they care. The Chinese already has a plan to replace the United States as the greatest economic and political power on the planet by 2030. China holds a lot of U.S. debt in treasury bonds. If Trump keeps the pressure on, China could sell those bonds and put the money in a more stable country. If that happens, Trump’s economy and trade scam will fall apart in a hurry.

Kim Jon Un told Mr. Trump he’s lost without his Wise Honest cargo ship. Mr. Kim promised to stop shooting missiles to annoy Trump if he gives him a chance to continue breaking the UN sanctions. Kim wants another meeting with Trump, but he can’t let Trump keep his cargo ship without some response, according to Korean scholars.

Joe Biden got the response he needed from Trump when the president dragged his son into the race that hasn’t really started yet. Trump was ready to send his bloodhound Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine and investigate Biden. Plus, Trump has Bill Barr investigating the FBI. Trump claims former FBI Director James Comey put an FBI tail on him during the campaign. Mr. Trump made it sound like the FBI wanted to overthrow his campaign.

One of Trump’s buildings in New York City made the news. The city just past a new green deal law and all eight of Trump properties are not in compliance. If Trump doesn’t make them compliant, he will owe millions in fines, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. The Mayor held a news conference in a Trump Tower and Trump’s posse was waiting for him. Bill got the press he needed. And Trump got a chance to trash de Blasio with sending a tweet.

Lindsey Graham came out of the closet when he told Donald Trump Jr. to plead the Fifth. Graham is an official Trump ass-kisser. And he’s just as annoying as Bill Barr when he acts like the bright lights hurt his bloodshot eyes. Twitter went wild when the Democrats gave him the #LindseyGrahamResign hashtag.

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