Brandless, A Flourishing E-Commerce Company

Brandless is an e-commerce firm that sells a range of products under the Brandless label. The products, also manufactured by the company, are cost-friendly and reliable. The products are made from ingredients that are not toxic to the environment, therefore, promoting the care of the environment. Household products, stationery, baby products, organic food, beauty cosmetics, and kitchen equipment are among the products sold by Brandless. Brandless was founded by Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler who met in California. The two had prior experiences in the business having worked with different companies and founded others. Tina Sharkey was familiar with the online aspect of business and knew how to run an online store. On the other hand, Ido Leffler was good at handling consumer products.

Leffler and Ido wanted to create a company that offered quality products to its clients at affordable prices. It is usual for a shopper to be stuck at the supermarket for long hours trying to choose between different brands of similar items. Brandless’ goal was to eliminate this choice overload through its products. Tina Sharkey was the Sherpa Foundry CEO before she stepped down to focus on Brandless. She became the Brandless CEO in 2016, and Ido Leffler became the chairman.

Brandless has two facilities, one in San Francisco and the other in Minneapolis. All its products are of high quality and healthy. Starting from the food products, which are organic and free of GMO to beauty products lack harsh ingredients, Brandless manufactures only the best commodities. Brandless has a unique business model which separates it from the rest. The products are directly sold to customers after manufacture eliminating brand taxes. The commodities are, therefore, cheaper compared to other products by various brands. Brandless focuses on listening to feedback from consumers on what kind of products they would like. The company’s mission is to give customers’ needs priority. Instead of manufacturing products out of nowhere, Brandless goes through the process of listening to its customers. The process saves money that would otherwise be lost if they launched products that don’t please customers.

Listening to customers’ reviews also strengthens the relationship between the brand and its clients. Feedback is usually collected via email, telephone, and online. From the beginning, Brandless had a mission of availing its clients with healthy products. They have stuck to this mission all through by manufacturing organic commodities. The products mainly consist of harmless ingredients that are neither toxic to the body nor the environment. Brandless even makes it easier for clients to shop for household items. Instead of manufacturing four different versions of the same products, they create one consisting of all ingredients. Where other companies have different types of say margarine, Brandless has one type consisting of all the other types. This has made shopping easier and faster for Brandless’ clients.

Brandless gives back to the community through the Feeding America Foundation. For every Brandless product bought, the company donates a meal to the organization. Brandless’ philanthropic acts have provided meals to more than 3,000,000 people. Brandless does not only focus on delivering quality goods to its clients but also cares about taking care of the hungry.