Digital River Offers Innovative e-Commerce Services

About Digital River
The innovations in the e-commerce industry could eventually lead to all transactions being handled with online portals. Digital River is a company at the forefront of e-commerce. The company was founded in 1994 and has successfully completed more than $30 billion in online transactions. Because of the company’s services, online retailers and businesses can offer online transactions with ease.

Digital River has been successful because it has a group of talented executives. Adam Coyle is the chief executive officer at the company and has more than 25 years of experience in the financial technology industry. Kathy Tompt is the chief of staff and has more than 30 years of experience in the direct marketing, financial, and e-commerce industries. Other executive team members include Matthew Reck, chief financial officer, James Gagliardi, chief product officer, and Oleg Ryaboy, chief technology officer.

What Does the Company Have to Offer?
The primary benefit that the company has to offer is its capability to make billing and monetization easier for its customers. Transactions that occur digitally can easily pile up, but Digital River can organize necessary information for more security.

The company also makes global e-commerce easier. In the past, only mega-corporations were able to offer products and services globally, but companies like Digital River can create effective and multi-locale management systems that are easy to use. The company offers SaaS commerce that is scaled for global expansion. The company’s platform sets you free of having to rely on IT experts because it offers self-service tools that make it easy to control your merchandise and sell your goods online.

The team at the company also offers tailored e-commerce solutions that are pre-configured for a total customized experience. The customized platforms are simple to contextualize and localize with open architecture, APIs, and tools. The team has the ability to design platforms that make it easy for their clients to access content, promotions, pricing, and payments. Its Commerce Cloud was designed for global capability with 50 automatically configured locales, which enable businesses to thrive in each targeted market.

The company also helps those in the e-commerce industry through logistics and fulfillment reports. It can be challenging for online retailers to take control of their inventory, which is where logistics can help. Logistics can provide retailers with inventory data that enhances convenience. The company offers logistics and fulfillment reports that helps retailers avoid emergency situations, which could jeopardize the reputation of their brands.

The company also offers direct marketing as a value-added service. Digital marketing services offered by the company include site optimization, affiliate, paid media, analytics, search engine optimization, and creative & usability.

Digital River also makes micro-transactions and in-app payments hassle-free. Apps that can be downloaded on smartphones thrive on micro-transactions. The company develops ways for users and developers to handle in-app transactions efficiently.

When online retailers and businesses use Digital River’s services, it eases the stress of handling an online business so that retailers and business owners can focus on other aspects of promoting their products and services.