Keeping Pain In Check Naturally with Heal and Soothe

Nothing can sideline a person more than pain. It can impact every area of their lives – their physical activities, their concentration, and even their relationships. It’s hard to go on a date, play a game of catch with your child, or even work when you’re experiencing severe pain.

For many, it’s a depressing daily reality. Worse, when they seek help from medical professionals they are often given therapies that don’t work to cure the problem or have dangerous side effects attached to the treatment.

Jesse Cannone’s own experience with severe pain is what led him to form his company, The Healthy Back Institute, in 2003. As a fitness trainer, he struggled with multiple injuries and painful conditions. Tendinitis, scoliosis, knee pain, and lower back pain all took their toll on him. They impacted his life to such an extent it became hard for him to work out.

“Basically,I was wracked with injuries,” Cannone said. “I was a fitness trainer, yet I could hardly work and had gotten to the point where I could hardly work out.”

Staring down the likelihood of having surgery for his knee pain, a chance encounter put him on a new path and helped him dodge his surgery.

Cannone’s Introduction to Muscle Balance Therapy

While attending a workshop, Cannone met another fitness trainer who taught him about muscle balance therapy.

“If you think of a puppet or a Marionette, you know, all the strings kind ofpulling the puppet and the different directions… well, our muscles work the same way,” Cannone said. “And so this guy told me that I basicallyhad these muscles out of balance in my lower body.”

To help the body restore its balance, the fitness trainer showed Cannone two stretches, which he did religiously for two weeks. After that, Cannone’s pain was gone. Instead of having a painful, expensive surgery that may not have even helped his problem, Cannone was now effectively cured.

He saw the opportunity to help people on a larger scale, not solely to improvetheir physical fitness, but their emotional health as well by taking painout of the picture.

“And then I started helping other people in the same way, so that’s why I did this. Basically,you know, I had my owninjuries, my ownback pain, I was able to get rid of it, and then I started doing it with my personaltraining clients andthen I got known as the guy to go to if you had injuries,” he said.

His company has snowballed in popularity over the years as his reputation as a leading back pain expert has grown. Cannone relishes the challenge of helping people who are disillusionedwith pain pills and the dismissive attitudes of some doctors. He helps treat their pain by addressing the underlying problem instead of slapping a band-aidon it.

Cannone uses chiropractic as an example of why underlying muscle imbalances should be corrected if a client is hoping to find long-lasting relief. While chiropractic can temporarily make a client feel better, that relief won’t last, which is why chiropractors see their clients repeatedly.

“It’s only temporary because the muscles that pulled the spine there tobegin with, will pull it right back. And that’s why most people, when they go to the chiropractor, they have to go three times a week until their insurance runs out, right?” he said. “That’s because the chiropractic manipulation can’t hold by itself.”

Cannone isn’t downplaying the benefit of chiropractic – he acknowledges it can be helpful as a form of pain relief. But it’s just part of the equation. Restoring muscle balance is where the most results are seen.

Taking a Holistic Approach

While muscle balance therapy is an incredible tool to use when fighting pain, it’s not the only weapon in Cannone’s arsenal. He has branched out and looked at other disciplines, including nutrition, to find additional ways to help people.

To eliminate the pain levels his clients have, Cannone’s Healthy Back Institute offers self-treatment options like their popular product, Living Well Nutraceutical’s Heal and Soothe. That supplement goes hand-in-hand with Cannone’s belief that a holistic approach is best when it comes to helping people manage their pain.

He also has released books and audios to help educate people about what might be causing their pain.

By looking with a critical eye at manydisciplines, instead of just honing in on the single one a specialist is trained to look at, Cannone believes it helps give a better view of the overall picture. While chiropractors are trained to locate problems with the spine and Western doctors are trained to rely on medical interventions like pills and surgery, he likes to consider a problem from all angles.

“Everything looks like a nail when you’re a hammer, right? Well, sometimes you need a screwdriver,” he says.

He likens body work to working on an automobile. “You’re going to need a variety of tools because there’s a variety of things that are going on in the car,” he said. “The key to getting the best results is to do detective work and figure out what is needed. So, in any situation, if I’m trying to help somebody, it’s what’s going on with your body, what are all the factors, what are all the things that are contributing to and causing the problem.”

Unlike other professionals who require numerous in-office and often expensive visits to help give any kind ofreliefto their client, Cannone believes in putting the tools for solving their ownproblems into the hands of the one suffering in the first place. That lets him help those who most need it but who might not be able to afford the travel expense of coming to him.

“What I realized is we need to teach people how to do this themselves,” he said. “So really, we’ve basicallytried to teach people how their body works.”

Cannone believes that holistic approach is what separates his work from the relief people might find elsewhere.

“So that’s the other big difference I would say, iswe teach people how to identify the underlying cause of the problem and not just work on the symptoms to relieve the pain. Of course, that’s important, but more importantly, you also need to work on solving that problem,” he said.

It’s that philosophy that has allowed The Healthy Back Institute to help more than two million clients in more than 125 countries.

The Power of Supplements

A conversation about treating pain isn’t complete without a discussion of inflammation. Inflammation, both short-term and chronic, is one of the most well-recognized roots of pain.

Inflammation has been making headlines for the past several years because it has been linkedto a number ofproblematic conditions and diseases including joint pain, cancer, heart disease, weight gain, and depression. Some inflammation is good because it is protective of the body. That can happen, for instance, when there is swelling following a sprain or a broken bone. That inflammation helps force a person to take it easier until the problem is resolved. So while it isn’t fun, inflammation does serve a purpose.

The trouble begins when inflammation becomes chronic, never leaving a person’s body. It creates a constant state of agitation their body has to cope with. Well-known medical professionals like Dr. Oz and world-class institutes like Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic all agree that inflammation needs to be controlledbefore it damagesthe body. There’s no dispute that it’s a root causeof disease. While there is a consensus chronic inflammation is bad, there isn’t a consensus on how to best treat it and reverse it.

Only recently has word seemingly filtered out to the general public about chronic inflammation’s dangers. In part, that change came about because of holistic approaches like Cannone’s work. And people are responding by taking greater responsibility for their health – they feel empowered because they have more options for safeguarding their health now.

While chronic inflammation can lead to swelling, pain, and disease, there are many ways to deal with it. Instead of relying on potentially harmful drugs to combat it, many would prefer natural methods. One of those ways is LivingWell Nutraceuticals’ Heal and Soothe.

Finding a way to fight that inflammation could be a lifesaver. But finding a natural way to treat it is even better because people won’t face the harsh side effects they might with traditional medicine. Even widely-used NSAIDs(non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs) like Ibuprofen, that fight inflammation are known to carry side effects, especially with long-term use or if people attempt to bump up their dosage to find more relief.

Years ago it was discovered that proteolytic enzymes, like those in the Heal and Soothe formula, could help combat inflammation. Heal and Soothe enjoys a reputation as the strongest potency proteolytic enzyme on the market. But unlike some other formulations, this systemic proteolytic enzyme formulation doesn’t have preservatives or fillers. That’s appealing toclients who are becoming truly conscious of what they are putting into their bodies.

Diet Plays a Key Role in Inflammation

People are increasingly turning to nature to help manage their health issues. They’re tired of only having the option of taking pharmaceutical drugs with a laundry list of harsh side effects.

“Natural health, it’s reallybecoming more prevalent. People are eating healthier, you know, people are learning more about the mind-body connection,” Cannone said. “I’ve been happy to be able to see it and be a small part of it.”

While cleaning up their diet is one way people can try to beat inflammation, making all the necessary changes can be expensive, confusing, and overwhelming for some people. While improving their diet can help to a certain extent, it likely won’t be enough to knock out widespread, chronic inflammation that has festered in the body for years. That’s why it’s helpful to find supplements like Heal and Soothe to take the guesswork out of fighting inflammation.

That’s not to say people shouldn’t change their diets if they are suffering from inflammation and pain – in fact, they absolutely should. Foodreally can be a powerfulhealer.

What people put into their bodies is as important as what they should eliminate from their diet. They should eliminate or at least cut down on sugar, gluten, processed foods, and blackened meats. Some estimates state that up to 90 percent of the food bought by the typical American is processed, which is part of why so many have chronic inflammation.

To complicate matters, heating food destroys the power of most enzymes by deactivating them. Inactive enzymes can’t do much to protect your body from inflammation and pain. That means a person has to eat raw food to get as many enzymes as possible and reap the benefits of them.

Some great food sources of enzymes include:

  • Dairy
  • Avocado
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwifruit
  • Grapes
  • Mango
  • Raw honey
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Seeds
  • Legumes

Even with a mostly raw food diet, today’s nutrition-depleted foods combined with a general decline in the body’s natural production of enzymes as we age means an enzyme supplement can be a powerful tool in overcoming chronic inflammation and related pain.

What’s In Heal and Soothe?

Proteolytic enzymes, unlike medications like NSAIDS, are safe, even in high doses. The Heal and Soothe formula is made with powerful ingredients found in nature, including:

  • Bromelain: This compound found in pineapple was discoveredin 1957. It’s a known inflammation buster that cuts back on swelling, helps heal wounds, and whisks away toxins out of the blood. It has even been creditedwith easing allergies and asthma.
  • Turmeric extract:Turmeric has been used for thousands of years by generations of people who saw the benefit ofusing it. It is useful for inflammation because it stops two enzymes partially responsible for pain.
  • Papain:This enzyme comes from unripe papaya fruit and is believed to be good for the immune system.
  • Boswellia Extract:This extract is relied on in Indian medicine to help with inflammation and pain. It’s been well studiedfor effectiveness.
  • Rutin:This flavonoid is great at fighting inflammation because of the antioxidants it contains.
  • Mojave Yucca Root:Resveratrol, a compound found in grapes, and yuccaolsare both in Mojave yucca root. Both are tough on inflammation.
  • Ginger extract:This is a widely used herb with thousands of years’ worth of use by people. It has a lot of fans for its ability to stop nausea, such as with motion sickness. But it’s also known for getting rid of pain and inflammation.
  • Devil’s claw:Although the name of this pain reducer may sound scary, it has helped many through the centuries fight pain and inflammation.
  • Citrus bioflavonoids: These antioxidants protect connective tissue by stopping enzymes that ordinarily break them down.

This Heal and Soothe formula was developed based on years of careful study and research. And unlike many supplements, the label discloses exactly how much of each ingredient the formula contains. Exactly what those who want to know preciselywhat they’re putting in their bodies are looking for.

How Aging Impacts Enzyme Production

As with many things, like a person’s metabolism, natural enzyme production starts to slow down as a person ages. It doesn’t take long for a person to reach their peak natural enzyme production. It typically starts to decrease at by age 27 or so. After that, approximately every tenyears, it will keep decreasing by an average 13 percent.

For those interested in boosting their enzyme level at any age, here are some tips:

  • Consume fewer
  • Chew food well to release the enzymes.
  • Eat more raw, living foods.
  • Take an enzyme supplement, like Heal and Soothe.
  • Stop chewing gum – it tricks the body into thinking it’s digesting something, soit unnecessarily expendsdigestive enzymes.

The Benefits of Taking Enzymes to Fight Inflammation 

Whether a person has sprained their ankle and wantsto speed up recovery or they want to decrease the pain they feel throughout their body, enzymes can help. They serve many roles in the body including:

  • Helping with the absorption of oxygen.
  • Cutting back on inflammation.
  • Increasing energy levels.
  • Healing wounds.
  • Battling infections.
  • Helping cells absorb nutrients.
  • Moving toxic waste out of the body.
  • Helping maintain cholesterol and triglyceride levels for greater heart health.
  • Regulating hormones.
  • Slowing down the process of aging.
  • Getting rid of blood clots before they become a problem.

If it seems amazing enzymes can help so many different ailments throughout the body it may be helpful to keep in mind there are about 3,000 various enzymes discovered to date – each with a different, important function. And that is likely only the tip of the iceberg. Some experts believe there are still tens of thousands that have yet to be identified.