North Korea Increases Threats To United States

Most people know about the threats from North Korea about a nuclear war. These threats seem to be empty, but Jim Mattis, United States Defense Secretary, is under the impression that the threats given by the country are escalating. Mattis recently conversed with Song Young-moo and other leaders in Seoul to talk about the threats from North Korea to the United States. Accusations were made about the missile program and how it’s illegal as well as the illegal handling of missiles and other nuclear weapons.

Even though North Korea might be amping up the threats that are being made, the United States plans to defeat any kind of attack that might occur. One of the things that North Korea allows is outlaw tactics, which is something that Mattis knows the United States won’t allow. South Korea and the United States have an alliance, and through that alliance, the powers hope to combat any kind of attack that is made by North Korea.

There isn’t any kind of event that North Korea could enact that the United States would bow down to, but the threats from North Korea and the actions of the government have increased. North Korea is threatening its neighbors and has fired more missiles in recent months. Mattis was in Asia for about a week, meeting with leaders and talking about the military response that the United States would give if North Korea decides to attack. President Donald Trump has also increased his guard. He has made recent statements about fighting with fire if North Korea does follow through with launching a missile to the United States or engages in other nuclear warfare. South Korea is gathering more military members together as well as more weapons and submarines to fend off an attack from North Korea as the United States is also ramping up the military and the budget that is available for defense.