Vital Cyber Security Lessons OneLogin Draws from Game of Thrones

As season seven of the Game of Thrown comes to an end, the long-awaited battle between the undead white walkers and the living is more imminent than ever. All eyes are on Jon Snow and his allied forces. Also, Westeros counts on the Night’s Watch, a brotherhood of individuals sworn to protect the seven kingdoms, to keep away invading forces from beyond The Wall. With that said, cyber security teams of the real world have a lot to learn from the defenses of the Night’s Watch and GoT as a whole. Here are some of the important takeaways as follows:

  • Potential Threats ought to be Treated Seriously

As the White Walkers’ threat builds up beyond The Wall, the influential families of Westeros still face disputes amongst themselves. In fact, they fail to honor the Night’s Watch’s request for extra resources to protect The Wall. Similarly, for the real world, it is vital for organizational leaders to invest adequately in defending against potential security threats.

  • Watch out for Zombie Accounts

In season one, after the bodies of the two missing Night’s Watchmen are taken back to Castle Black, one of the bodies attack Jon Snow as a wight. The lesson, in this case, is that companies ought to beware of former employees’ digital accounts. Ex-employees can use such accounts to access corporate data and apps.

  • Everyone Should be Involved

After becoming King in the Northern, Jon Snow takes action to fortify The Wall. In this case, he enlists several Northern families and wildlings to protect The Wall against a common enemy. What this means for the real life is that every individual in an organization ought to be held responsible when it comes to cyber security.

About OneLogin

OneLogin operates as an access management and cloud identity solution that allows companies to secure all applications for their customers on all their devices. Thomas B. Pedersen and Christian Pedersen founded the company in 2010. OneLogin, Inc. delivers integrity and speed to modern businesses through its award-winning products for both multi-factor and single sign-on authentication.

OneLogin boasts millions of users spread across more than 2000 enterprises and organizations in over 44 nations globally. Some of these organizations include Pandora, Airbnb, AAA, Citizen, and Uber among many others. Over the years, OneLogin has also acquired several companies including Sphere Secure Workspace, Inc., ThisData, Portadi and Cafesoft.  Check out more on OneLogin’s YouTube page, or read the PCMag reviews.