The Chinese Government Issues New Directives to Schools

China is taking a new approach to becoming the world’s superpower on several fronts. Xie Hong recently addressed her fourth-grade students. While she took the fiery zeal that can only be compared with the one of a preacher, all her fourth grader’s students wore red tracksuits that were matching. She asked her students where their joy came from. She further said that their lives were joyous, happy and blessed. Ms. Xie works at an elementary school known as Workers and Peasants Red Army Elementary School. While asking her students about where their happiness came from, she knew that there would only be one answer. It was her responsibility to ensure that her students knew the answer. A nine-year-old boy known as Li Jiacheng answered the question saying that the happiness they enjoy came from the blood that was shed by the revolutionary martyrs. He further referred the martyrs as the Red Army. This is what has been happening in China for the past few decades where the Communist Party has emphasized on a stiff regime when it comes to the ideological education that the young students learn. As a result, tedious lessons have become a must where students are drilled onto lessons related to Mao and Marx.

At the same time, the students are made to understand why loyalty and patriotism are important. However, there are rumors that the current leadership is failing in training the young minds. This has forced the current president, XI Jinping, to reshape the education of the young people. He has managed this by establishing approximately 283,000 secondary and primary schools. Textbooks are becoming bigger as they discuss the role that the Communist Party has played in liberating China. For instance, these books talk about how the communist party fought foreign invaders citing the Japanese as a good example. At the same time, it has become apparent that schools are adding additional courses especially the ones touching on Confucian and traditional medicine. These two topics are supposed to explain how the country made some significant achievements. At the same time, the Chinese government wants students to know people such as Lu Xun. On the other hand, critics say that exposing students to such material would encourage civil disobedience which is very dangerous for the country’s efforts to become a global superpower. The Chinese government issued a stern directive a few weeks ago. It directed schools to engage in practices that promote socialist and traditional Chinese cultures.