How Dan Micic Turned a Startup into an Industrial Empire

Dan Micic

There’s nothing more fascinating than how entrepreneurs start from humble beginnings and continue to grow until they’re giant. One recent example worth noting is the job Dan Micic is doing at Medical Shipment LLC. The operation started as a one-man band but has grown like wildfire in the ensuing years.

Business gurus often state that business is simple as long as you “solve problems.” In the case of Medical Shipment LLC, that’s what’s been going on since the earliest beginning. Micic, who hails from Chicago, Illinois, understood that problem-solving was something he was good at and skill the world demanded from a young age. While he was a student of Business Management and Finance at Harper College, he saw that the Biology department on campus had a genuine, pressing need for new medical supplies.

Dan Springs into Action and Unleashes a Plan for Expansion

Dan Micic sprang into action and landed an order for medical gloves from Medline to the campus. He knew that there were many other immediate requirements that he could also fill, so he set out creating a plan for a medical supply company.

Medical Shipment LLC now carries a broad range of nursing supplies and equipment, as well as offering services that include educational, medical programs. The company has an e-commerce website with a ton of products that carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Dan Micic knew he had to carve out a niche when he began the company. The company targets nursing programs with a specific range of products and services. The laser focus allows them to specialize in solving their client’s problems in a way that gives them an advantage over their competitors.

Micic recently told CEOCFO Magazine that the market requires simulation products and training services explicitly. Micic saw this opportunity from the start and says the company is in a perfect position to continue to grow revenues. Dan Micic from the beginning of the enterprise was unafraid of dealing with large vendors and customers. That “can do” attitude and his perseverance are what he credits with his success.

Times were tough in the early days of the business but as the years have passed Micic and his staff has grown and are strong financially. Today, Medical Shipment LLC has absolutely no debt and lots of inventory to service educational nursing programs. The lesson for anyone hearing his story is that you are never “too small” to go after significant opportunities. You will probably face a long road and some hardship, but if you’re willing to overcome those problems, you can carve out your niche.

Micic, who is of Serbian descent, said he sees an international expansion coming shortly. Dan doesn’t just focus on work. He’s also an enthusiastic trainer in the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Also, he also plays poker competitively and loves to travel.