Sexually Harassed? Try Talkspace

talkspace - sexually harassed


If you turn on the television or swipe through your iPad, you are inevitably going to run into accusations of sexual misconduct against famous men. One by one they seem to be dropping, and each passing day seems to bring down a more powerful name. The news media have responded accordingly, but what do victims do in the face of extremely triggering situations?

There are many revolutionary technologies that are built to help deal with triggering situations, but none are more powerful than the user-friendly and sleek Talkspace app.


Because most people have a smartphone, all those people potentially now have access to a therapist. Where the world can be changed with the tweet, we need to have our therapy cut from the same cloth. It must have the same functionality. The same mechanics. And the same design. When people, especially women, read about these horrifying allegations brought against these powerful men, it is very wise to offer solutions for those that may be triggered by these disturbing events. An outlet is necessary to express one’s feelings and thoughts. It helps with the grieving process.


While there are many women now in the limelight who have an outlet to broadcast their stories, Talkspace gives users a personal and intimate forum with professional help. While a perpetrator may not be a Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Louis C.K., Matt Lauer, or Al Franken, they may be a co-worker or acquaintance. Regardless of the social status or profession of the perpetrator, support is still necessary. There is no gap.


Not everyone has the time, money, or desire to bring their story into the public forum. But they also don’t want to simply be forgotten about. They want those whom they accuse to be held accountable. And while Talkspace cannot create a media dialogue about a person, they can do something even more important — offer professional help and support to those afflicted by abuse or harassment.


In a mobile-dominated world, people need ease of access and convenience when dealing with situations that are emotionally difficult and trying. Talkspace came into the world with a desire to help clients reach their fullest potential. Working through tragic situations such as sexual assault is a necessity, and Talkspace aims to be there to fulfill that need for people of all walks of life.


For those concerned about value, expense, or quality, Talkspace is an extremely attractive option. The need to drive across town to a therapist’s office? Gone. Paying for parking? Gone. Sitting on an uncomfortable sofa where others have sat all day? Gone. Ease is the hallmark of Talkspace. Sexual harassment, especially in the workplace, has become a buzzword as of late. It, as we all know, is a term that covers a broad range of unwanted behaviors, actions, comments, and

Women from all walks of life have been impacted by this unfortunate misconduct. The support that comes after those incidents is especially crucial because recovery is most often not complete without the participation of the abused in some type of therapeutic program.

Talkspace is a private, personal option that can be tailored to suit many needs across a wide spectrum of issues — not solely sexual harassment or sexual abuse.


There are many benefits of online therapy. But with situations like sexual harassment or sexual abuse, the benefits are enhanced. One may not feel entirely comfortable divulging all the events to someone in person or even on the phone. But using an app to process the information and facts in a therapeutic way and with a qualified, caring professional may be just what the doctor ordered.


Think about it. We are saturated in constant and uninterrupted press coverage about powerful men being taken down for sexual abuse. They were all in positions of power. But not every person hurt by sexual harassment or sexual assault is going to have an abuser or harasser who has an academy award or a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. The clear majority of women are going to be normal Janes and Jills, going to work, doing their thing and somehow, through no fault of their own, become a victim in one way or another. Talkspace aims to provide therapy to fight the feeling of isolation when those unfortunate events may occur.


With the ease of access, a flexible and affordable payment program, and an innovative way of providing therapeutic services that have set the standard for therapy 2.0, Talkspace is the premier option for people seeking psychological help following a recent or longstanding trauma in one’s personal life. It truly is a state of the art service that provides an immense benefit to its clients.