Young Girl In Prison With Her Mother

Most children have a home of some type where they can sleep in a comfortable bed, play outside and have the typical freedoms that most children would have. Meena was born in a prison in Afghanistan. Her mother is a serial killer, and because Meena was born while her mother was in prison, she has spent her life there as well. The mother is allowed to keep her daughter in prison with her until she is 18 or until another family member steps forward who can provide the care that she needs.

Meena was born in prison because that’s where her mother developed a relationship with one of the other inmates and got pregnant. The young girl hasn’t seen the freedom that the outside world has to offer. Meena and her mother live in a wing of the prison that has been set aside for mothers and their children. There are 42 women there and 36 children. Even though there is an orphanage in Afghanistan, Meena’s mother doesn’t want to let her go, so the child continues to stay by her mother’s side.

A courtyard is in the center of the area where the rooms are located so that families can at least get fresh air and so that children can have a few moments to play outside. A small playground has been constructed with swings and monkey bars. Children can attend classes during the day in a small schoolroom. However, the school only goes to third grade. Meena has expressed in interviews that she doesn’t want to stay in prison forever, but she wants her mother to leave the prison as well. Meena’s mother isn’t as quiet as her daughter and tends to voice her opinion about being in prison with her daughter. She claims that she is innocent, but until evidence shows that she didn’t commit the crime she’s in prison for, both Meena and her mother will be in prison for years to come.