Earthquake Strikes Area Still Cleaning From Past Destruction

There are some areas of the world where earthquakes are common. They don’t usually disturb daily life activities and are usually so minor that few people can feel them or know that they occur until the USGS gives out an alert. People who live in Papua New Guinea near Sydney were jolted on Saturday after a 6.3 earthquake shook the area. The region is still cleaning and rebuilding after a 7.5 earthquake occurred only a few months ago. Fortunately, there were no reports of significant damage or injuries.

Initial reports reveal that the earthquake was about 30 miles deep. An earlier estimate revealed that the depth was not as deep, but those reports were changed after further information was received. The earthquake that occurred in February in the region killed over 120 people and toppled businesses and homes. Several thousand people lost their homes in the earthquake, which is why residents were cautious when they heard about the one that struck over the past few hours. Many people feared that a stronger one would follow, and while there have been a few aftershocks, there has not been an indication that a stronger earthquake will occur.

There are power plants that are still not in full operation in the area. Numerous landslides occurred after the earthquake, covering vehicles and homes. There were also people killed by the landslides. Over 200,00 people still need some kind of assistance from the government until they get their homes rebuilt or until they are able to go back to work. Workers with the United Nations were called away from the area in February, making it difficult for residents to receive the assistance that is needed. This region can see numerous earthquakes through the year as it sits on what is known as the “Ring of Fire,” an area of very active plates that cause earthquakes along the ring.

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