The Oxford Club on Retirement Saving: Time is Money. Invest it Wisely!

We’ve all heard of the saying ”time is money”. Most people associate this saying with tumultuous employers trying to get the most out of their employees. Although the phrase is associated mostly with running businesses, it applies to individuals as well when it comes to retirement planning.

With retirement, the earlier you start, the more money you will have when you retire. Take this example for instance; a person who saves and invests $24,000 at age 21 can accumulate over eight times more money compared to a person who invests the same amount of money at age 47 assuming both retire at age 67. In simpler terms, every year you don’t save will cost you thousands of dollars when you retire.

The Oxford Club’s Options Strategist, Karim Rahemtulla understands this in-depth and has gone as far as offering a solution. He suggests two methods for increasing the return you get on your time as you save for retirement.

  1. Start early

This is the most effective method for getting the best out of your time when saving for retirement. Although most people know they should start saving early, very few do it. Karim knows this too well from firsthand experience. In a recent article with the Oxford Club’s retirement planning resource, Wealthy Retirement, Karim shared his challenges trying to convince his two daughters to open retirement accounts. Karim has two daughters, who are both in their early 20s. For a while now, he had tried in vain to convince his daughters to start saving for retirement.

He finally got a breakthrough but had to part with some money to convince them. Karim motivated his daughters by doubling their initial $100 saving each. Considering not everyone is in a position to make an initial saving deposit, let alone match their children’s savings, it’s easy to see why saving for retirement is a struggle for most people.

However, you must take the first step early enough to enjoy your retirement years. Ideally, you need 40 years to grow your money significantly. What if you are already late? Can you still maximize your return with the time you have left?

Karim has a solution for people who may not have four decades to grow their retirement account.

  1. Learn how to make short-term high-yield investments

Karim is a strong advocate for short-term investments which yield capital gains and income quickly. And make no mistake; he’s not referring to risky speculative investments. It is common knowledge that most high-return investments with short-turnarounds are very risky. Although this is the case, not all short-term, high-return investments are risky, if you know what you are doing.

Karim is a renowned and experienced expert on a lucrative, safe and relatively obscure investment method that has proven to generate high returns i.e. as much as $2195 in 72 seconds!! Karim teaches the secrets of his method dubbed Insta-Cash Strategy for free via live training events.

The live events get into the details of how you can secure your retirement with the little time you have left. Participants get to learn why Karim’s method isn’t mainstream and how you can make  profits with minimal to no risk. In fact, Karim’s subscribers have been able to collect $2.6 million in a record 8 months using this method without incurring any loss.

Karim’s live event is one of the many ways the Oxford Club goes out of its way to help its members find financial freedom.

Interested in joining the Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club is one of the largest global private investor networks in the world today. The Club, which dates back to 1989, is composed of knowledgeable and trustworthy investors, entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world whose sole purpose is to help each other grow and protect their wealth. The Club has over 157,000 members worldwide spread in 131 countries.

The founders started the Club out of the belief that the best investment and business opportunities are discovered through personal connections and not through the mainstream press.

The Oxford Club has several membership levels you can join when you pass the selective membership process. The highest membership level is the Chairman’s Circle composed of the Club’s most privileged members. Directly below the Chairman’s Circle members are the Director’s circle members. These members are Oxfordians who seek serious commitment to the Oxford Club as well as their financial future. Below them are premier members who are simply entry-level members. Premier Oxford Club members enjoy one of the Club’s trading services or newsletters.

The Oxford Club has many free publications and resources available through its educational arm, Investment U and retirement planning arm, Wealthy Retirement. Subscribers of these publications get access free but priceless information on investments and retirement planning.

Trading services

The Oxford Club offers multiple trading services currently that serve all kinds of investors from beginners to gurus. Membership levels determine access to trading services. Some of the trading services available include; insider secrets, trading alerts, research services, trading systems and corporate bond purchasing services.


The Oxford Club members have access to free and premium newsletters and e-letters depending on their membership. There are three main newsletters namely; Oxford Resource Explorer, Oxford Income Letter and The Oxford Communiqué.

Other resources

The Oxford Club offers educational resources like videos, courses and holds conferences for its members. In March, the Club just held its 20th Investment U conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Oxford Club is the one to join if you are serious about financial freedom. The Club’s business model revolves around the most important rules of investing i.e., being smart and being first. The Oxford Club shares timely investment ideas and advice generated by experts giving members a huge advantage over regular investors. Oxford Club members beat the market without taking on huge risks. Join the Oxford Club and benefit from the Club’s commitment to helping its members become financially free.

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