Fox Cancels Lucifer

In a surprise announcement, Fox canceled its supernatural drama Lucifer earlier this week. Having run for three seasons, the news came as a shock to both longtime fans of the series and the show’s cast and crew. Starring Tom Ellis, the series was based on the DC comic book of the same and saw the fallen angel working as a consultant with the Los Angeles Police Department after growing tired of ruling hell. Premiering in 2016, the show developed a following of dedicated fans and was considered a likely renewal by TV ratings website TV By the Numbers. Paired with medical drama The Resident for much of the season, the show averaged respectable ratings while maintaining a fairly low production budget.

News of the show’s cancelation is especially difficult for fans given that showrunner Joe Henderson said that the current season finale, which is scheduled to air on May 14, ends in a major cliffhanger. In a tweet following news of the cancelation, Henderson explained that, “We created a season finale with a huge cliffhanger so that there was no way Fox could cancel us.” Later on, Henderson apologized for the decision, saying that fans of the show will surely be frustrated by the lack of a proper conclusion to the show’s storylines. Nevertheless, the cast and crew of Lucifer are not taking the show’s cancelation lightly, with many encouraging fans to start a renewal campaign. Rachael Harris, who plays Lucifer’s therapist Dr. Linda Martin in the series, suggested that the show might have a future on Netflix. Ildy Moldrovich, one of the show writers, also encouraged fans to start a social media campaign, with #SaveLucifer gaining attention on Twitter.

Lucifer was not the only show canceled by Fox earlier this week. The Exorcist, Star, The Mick, and The Last Man on Earth were also removed from the network’s schedule for next year. The long running sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine was also canceled by the network but was later picked up by NBC for its sixth season.

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