Time Recognizes Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Herd as a Highly Influential Person

Whitney Wolfe: Time Person of the Year

Time recently released a yearly list of the world’s most influential people. It included more women than any previous year’s list, and tech entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd ranked among them. The magazine published a personal profile that was authored by Feminist Frequency’s executive director. It highlighted Whitney Wolfe Herd’s important role in the online dating industry.

She co-founded Tinder but eventually left the firm and took legal action against it. Wolfe Herd accused the company of sexual harassment and received a $1 million settlement. In late 2014, she established a new business known as Bumble. It differs from other dating apps because Wolfe Herd only permits female users to start conversations.

The Time Magazine profile praised Bumble for creating a safer alternative that helps women avoid harassment. It also noted that Whitney Wolfe Herd’s ideas had enabled the business to become tremendously successful. Bumble has more than 25 million members. This company could fetch a price in excess of $1 billion, according to financial experts.

Women have used the app to begin over 480 million conversations in less than four years. Members also sent more than 4 billion private messages. Bumble doesn’t only enable people to find dating partners. It has introduced services that help members gain professional contacts as well as friends. Apple and Google app stores let users download the software for free.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Memorable Year

During the first four months of the year, Whitney Wolfe Herd and her employees have been particularly busy. Several serious issues made the news and stirred controversy in early 2018. Although these situations created new challenges for the firm, Bumble gained respect by developing solutions that closely reflected its principles.

When a fatal shooting occurred at a high school in Florida, Wolfe Herd decided that she needed to take action. Her company gave $100,000 to an organization known as March For Our Lives. This contribution helped it stage anti-violence protests across the nation. During late March, demonstrations took place in Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Austin and many other cities.

Meanwhile, Bumble announced a new policy that barred most users from displaying firearms in their profile photos. The rule also banned knives and various other weapons. Wolfe Herd introduced this policy because she believes that pictures of guns are “normalizing violence” and romanticizing firearms. Her staff immediately began to enforce the rule by removing prohibited photos.

Bumble decided to let police and soldiers post pictures that contain guns if they are wearing uniforms. It also made exceptions for people who compete in some types of sports. The company depends on approximately 5,000 moderators to find and delete unsuitable images. Members can also flag photos that violate the app’s rules about firearms, nudity or racism.

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New Partnership

whitney wolfe bumble la clippers
Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd partners with The LA Clippers

During March, a Los Angeles basketball team established a long-term partnership with Bumble. The LA Clippers plan to place the company’s logo on their official jersey. This “empowerment badge” will appear on the uniform’s left shoulder. Furthermore, the two organizations intend to expand initiatives that promote learning and confidence among America’s young women.

The new partnership went into effect during Women’s History Month. Both the Clippers and Bumble benefit from female leadership. Women occupy most of the executive offices at the dating company’s headquarters in Austin. A woman serves as the LA Clippers’ president, and they have more female leaders than any other team in the NBA.

Bumble prefers to partner with organizations that uphold similar principles. For example, Whitney Wolfe Herd strives to incorporate the company’s values into its promotional strategies. She prefers to buy advertising from firms that employ female executives and help young women achieve success. This policy enables Bumble to influence a variety of industries in positive ways.

Patent Lawsuit

The Match Group owns several well-known dating websites, including OkCupid and Tinder. In March, it initiated a lawsuit against Bumble and accused the company of patent infringement. Match claimed that Wolfe Herd’s app closely resembles Tinder software. However, some news commentators doubted the allegations. They noted that the Match Group was unhappy with Wolfe Herd’s refusal to sell her company for $450 million.

Bumble responded by purchasing full-page advertisements in The Dallas Morning News and New York Times. They featured an open letter to the Match Group. The statement called Match’s lawsuit “baseless” and remarked that the company’s intimidation had only motivated Bumble to achieve even greater success.

When she discussed the ads with an online media outlet, Whitney Wolfe Herd emphasized the significance of her firm’s principles. She believes that they hold greater importance than profits. Wolfe Herd also mentioned the possibility of an initial public offering. Multiple companies have recently expressed interest in purchasing Bumble, according to its founder.

Facebook Controversy

Bumble Drops Facebook Login RequirementSocial media giant Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg came under heavy criticism in April. A privacy scandal compelled some members to close their accounts or stop linking them to third-party applications. At the time, it was impossible to use Bumble without connecting a Facebook profile to the app. A number of members asked Wolfe Herd’s staff for an alternative.

Bumble quickly found an effective solution. It started permitting people to set up accounts by entering telephone numbers rather than social media usernames. Members no longer have to worry that their private dating information might fall into the hands of Facebook or its associates.

Bumble previously relied on Zuckerberg’s company to help it confirm new users’ identities. Wolfe Herd’s employees have begun to independently verify accounts that people don’t link to Facebook. Staff members manually review every new profile and confirm the authenticity of each user’s pictures. This process also provides an opportunity to ensure that people understand and follow the profile rules.

To sum it up, Time has recognized Whitney Wolfe Herd for creating a prosperous company by upholding beneficial values rather than sacrificing them. Bumble swiftly reacts to new situations in ways that preserve its competitive edge and boost user satisfaction. At the same time, Wolfe Herd’s wise decisions have succeeded in promoting civility, equality and fairness.

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