Billions In ‘Freedom Checks’ To Be Paid Out Within The Month: Here’s How To Get Yours

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Investors around the country who had the foresight to learn more about and to invest in “Freedom Checks,” unique but poorly understood investment opportunities, are about to enjoy a very nice payday. Matt Badiali, who has championed their cause for some time now, believes that upwards of $34.6 billion worth of these Freedom Checks will be paid out through the end of June. Unlike what many people mistakenly believe, these checks are not issued by the U.S. government. In fact, they have the potential to provide monthly payments that far exceed anything that most people can expect to receive from government programs like social security.

It’s easy to come away with the impression that there is something sketchy about these checks. Unfortunately, many fly-by-night companies have taken to using the term in their marketing efforts. These ads give the impression that the government is issuing these checks without asking for anything in return. Naturally, this can and should raise red flags for anyone who has even the smallest amount of investment experience. In reality, legitimate Freedom Checks aren’t cash handouts; to realize their full and considerable potential, including the huge payouts that investors are poised to collect this month, you must commit to making ongoing investments—and those investments must be made properly.

As with any investment opportunity that offers legitimate and proven profitability, investors must put time and effort into understanding how these checks work. The first order of business is to step away from the idea of checks entirely. As Matt Badiali himself stresses again and again in his eye-opening newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, you can’t hope to start receiving these checks without learning about the forces behind them—and that means learning about master limited partnerships and something called Statute 26-F.

Congress passed legislation that established master limited partnerships, or MLPs, in 1981. Master limited partnerships are business partnerships that also act as publicly traded limited partnerships. MLPS are traded across the United States, and all of their underlying assets must be distributed to investors. At first, MLPs were not subject to many regulations. Within a few years of being established, however, additional steps were taken to address the tax benefits and other aspects of these instruments, and that is how Statue 26-F came about.

Statute 26-F, which was enacted by Congress in 1987, allows master limited partnerships to operate tax-free, but they can only do so if they meet two requirements. First, at least 90 percent of an MLP’s revenue must be generated from the processing, production, transportation and storage of gas and oil in the United States. Second, an MLP must agree to pay out checks to its shareholders. In fact, they are required to pay at least 90 percent of their income to investors—and these are the checks that have come to be known as Freedom Checks. Essentially, in collecting these checks, investors allow MLPs to enjoy significant tax advantages. In turn, MLPs are able to grow and expand their search for new gas and oil wells, which opens up even more potential for profits in the future.

If this all still sounds a bit off to you, you’re not alone. The groundwork for these checks started being laid many years ago. Over the last 15 to 20 years or so, the importing of natural gas into the U.S. from Middle Eastern countries has declined significantly. At the same time, production of oil and gas in the U.S. has increased sharply. This is largely due to the huge boom in fracking. MLPs that are involved in these processes are therefore poised to generate truly incredible profits. According to Badiali, some MLPs have experienced gains of 5,889% to 39,832%, so it’s easy to see why they have so much cash to distribute.

If there is so much potential in these MLPs and their Freedom Checks, why is there still so much confusion about them? The reality is that zeroing in on the right opportunities is tricky, and that is where Matt Badiali comes in. Although getting started with these checks is as simple as buying any type of stock, the trick is knowing where to focus your investment efforts. With his background as a financial analyst and education in geology, Badiali is uniquely qualified to help investors from all walks of life realize the amazing potential of these high-yield investments.

Matt Badiali discovered the amazing potential of these investments while working with some of the most famous financial experts and oil industry magnates in the world. His research into finding a way to generate consistent profits from natural resources led to his discovery of master limited partnerships. These companies are required to have at least $1 billion’ worth of in-demand assets, and they must distribute payments regularly. They must also be able to demonstrate that its shareholders are growing wealthy. As a service to investors who want to realize the potential of these checks, Badiali assesses these companies’ financial statements to determine the most profitable options.

Why is it that Badiali is so confident about the issuance of nearly $34.6 billion’ worth of these checks over the next month or so? That mostly has to do with the successful passage of the sweeping tax reform bill that was presented to Congress by Republicans last year. That bill passed in December, and it includes massive tax breaks for companies like MLPs and everyday investors from all walks of life. The bill was therefore a win-win for MLPs and investors—and Badiali’s goal is to help as many of those investors to collect the biggest Freedom Checks possible.

These checks truly level the playing field, allowing investors from many walks of life to make the most of the incredible freedom that goes along with no longer relying exclusively on Middle Eastern oil. Regardless of your age, net worth or income—and for as little as $10—you can get in on the action yourself. Do your own research about MLPs and how they work, and definitely take a look at Badiali’s newsletter.

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