“Into the Spider-Verse” Introduces More Spider-People, Villains

New footage for the upcoming Sony film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was screened during San Diego Comic-Con, revealing that obscure web-slingers Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham and Sp//dr will also be making an appearance, while also showing off the movie’s villains.

This movie stands out from other Spider-Man flicks in a few ways: for one, it is animated, and for another, it will star Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), who, in the Ultimate continuity, took over for Peter Parker after the latter’s death. However, Miles will have some help before he has to handle a film solo, as a Peter from an alternate universe (played by Jake Johnson) will be mentoring him, with more spider-people stopping by.

The footage from SDCC has not been released online, but of course, those present have happily leaked information to the internet. Apparently, we have final confirmation that these characters all come from different dimensions, and the list has now expanded to include:

  • Spider-Man Noir: Another Peter Parker who hails from (you guessed it) a noirish universe; he wears all black, and the spider that bit him came from a mysterious statue. He was already rumored to appear, and is voiced by Nicolas Cage.
  • Spider-Ham: Real name Peter Porker, he is an anthropomorphic pig from a universe where everyone is a talking animal. (Yes, really.) He is voiced by John Mulaney.
  • Sp//dr: A girl named Peni Parker, she uses robotic armor (loosely based on the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion) for her superheroics. She is voiced by Kimiko Glenn.

SDCC attendees also saw a bit more of the movie’s villains, including the Kingpin, who is voided by Liev Schreiber, as well as the Lizard; both are designed based on the Ultimate continuity. Also showing up is the Green Goblin, a character who has been used in two previous Spider-Man franchises; however, co-director Bob Persichetti took some time to assure fans that their version will be different, apparently because the typical Peter/Goblin dynamic wouldn’t work with Miles:

“Green Goblin is much more of a goblin than a man. He’s more beast and less man,” he explained. “As opposed to what Peter Parker has experienced in his sort of universe and films.”

Fans are excited for this unconventional take on the Spider-Man mythos, which is due in theaters December 14, 2018.

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