The Warriors are yet to learn a lot from the ‘Big kid’.

NBA star DeMarcus Cousins has returned to Northern California to join the Golden State Warriors. This is after he had pitched the NBA champions on a very short one year deal. The deal was to prove whether he can be 100% on form again for the team. Moments after the breaking news reached the public on Monday. People couldn’t keep calm. Friends rung friends and colleagues talked with colleagues discussing as they had the urge to know how the four-time all-star will perform after recovering from a torn Achilles tendon. It was all raw. No one knew what to expect from the NBA star.

Cousins is referred to as the ‘Big Kid’. The star has been through ups and downs in the City of Sacramento. The player was covered by a perfect friend throughout his challenging times. As he was being assisted in recovering and also keeping fit, he attended several yoga classes and also took jogging runs on the roads. Many media houses had made attempts to talk to him but to no avail. He rejected all interviews. In short, the player was unapproachable.

So far, Cousins is fed up with losing in his life. He has come out to prove to the world that he is a champion and that he can be a winner. Reports put it that Cousins reached out to Warriors for a significant reason. According to records, Cousins has only experienced one winning season in the NBA. To make matters worse, the star was unable to celebrate the win after he suffered a tendon injury in January. Cousins missed out the only golden opportunity to play in the playoffs with the New Orleans. Critics are still skeptical on whether he will fit in the Warriors line up. One major reason as to why he will fit in the Warriors family is his success play with the USA team. Cousins may not be the focal point that led the team to win, but the team won, and he was among those that received the gold medals.

The warrior’s line up is similar to an Olympic team. This is the environment that Cousins is used to. It’s a culture that he is familiar with, and he will in no doubt thrive and shine in the team just like he was successful with the national squad. Cousins is a player who can be moody at times, but he can perform at the same time. He is like other players, they all have good and bad sides.

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