The Curious Rumor About Hydro-Man Appearing in the New Spider-Man Sequel

Marvel and Sony like to keep details about upcoming movies under wraps. Leaks from the set don’t always help a film’s buzz. Studios and production companies also prefer focus stays on soon-to-be-released projects. Chatter over a movie coming out in 18 months isn’t helpful in the now. A little buzz, however, doesn’t hurt. With Spider-Man: Far from Home filming in the United Kingdom, both Marvel and Sony don’t mind a few news updates appearing here and there. Recently, a flippant leak from the set spawned speculation about a possible villain looking to battle the wall-crawler.

A significant water stunt recently took place on set. Water utterly soaked tom Holland’s stunt double. The scene could be an unimportant comedic one. Or, the scene may herald the presence of the little-known villain Hydro-Man. Hydro-Man is, mostly, a Sandman rip-off. Instead of changing himself into “sand-powered being,” Hyrdo-Man converts his flesh to water. At times, Hydro-Man and Sandman teamed up in Spider-Man books. Hydro-Man, however, never rose to even D-level as a Spider-Man villain. Why would the producers include Hydro-Man in the film? A simplified version of The Shocker — two Shockers, actually — made an appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Giving a throwaway henchman Hydro-Man powers could beef up an action scene at some point in the movie.

The Hydro-Man theory, however, isn’t based on anything concrete. In fact, the film already boasts two major villains. Michael Keaton returns as The Vulture. Jake Gyllenhaal comes onboard with the first big-screen version of Mysterio. The finale of Homecoming set up the presence of The Scorpion in the sequel. A limit does exist regarding how many villains can appear on the screen. More villains mean more dolls, toys, and merchandise. Too many villains usually lead to a murky and convoluted narrative.

Don’t be surprised if the leaked news doesn’t mean Hydro-Man takes a stand in the new film. And don’t discount his presence either.

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