Getting To The Truth About Jacksonville Shootings

After the Jacksonville Landing shooting at a Madden video game tournament where at least two people were killed and 11 injured, there are now several theories circulating on social media sites. These fake stories take pieces of what actually happened and twist them, so now it’s time for news outlets to reveal the pieces that are factual and those that should be ignored. One of the false reports is that the suspect posted negative messages about President Trump in the days before the shooting. There have also been claims that he was part of the resistance and wanted to cause as much harm as possible to groups who support Trump across the country.

Initial reports revealed that four people were killed. After emergency officials examined the scene and had a final count in hand, they revealed that only two people were killed and that the shooter took his own life, resulting in three lives lost instead of the original number of four that media outlets claimed. David Katz was the person responsible for the shooting. However, many people on social media started posting pictures of men with other names and men holding guns just to try to put a name with the shooting that took place. No one knew the identity of the man who committed the shooting until officials were able to find out his name and give that information to his family.

There have been reports on social media that the man responsible for the Jacksonville shooting was a member of a group who hated blacks. It was first thought by some that he was targeting this group of people across the country and wanted to kill as many as possible. However, the screenshots posted are fake with various components put together to make one cohesive image displaying a storefront and captions about hatred against black people.

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