Military and Technology

The US economy has achieved a historical job creation stretch that outnumbers the jobless persons this year. This positive trend, however, puts at risk two groups: the youngest members of the post-9/11 veterans, between the ages of 25 and 34 and their military spouses. A data conducted recently shows that post-9/11 former service members have an unemployment rate slightly higher than the civilians.200, 000 service officials who transition out of the military yearly are of this age group. The spouses of these veterans are twice that of the civilians. Support to these families is crucial since they sacrifice their livelihood for our freedom. Success in this journey is based on corporations leading the way in hiring, training and offering provision of service to its members who are joining the civilian life. Corporations are at the best place to take up the position of career-building since they partner with a nonprofit organization such as USO. It then leads to the creation of a powerful tool and resources gained enables military spouses to survive beyond their duties.

The Silicon Valley should serve as the base of consideration for the youngest post-9/11 former service members and spouses to the men in uniform. The most important thing to the future of these young Americans is work based in the most significant companies in the US. The 21st century economy is progressively undergoing a wide array of digital transformations. However, there are numerous opportunities in career building that have been taken for granted. A total of 550,000 open computing jobs are available to the skill gap. These are high paying jobs that empower the workers to change how they learn, work and live. Leaders in these organizations know the skills needed to be fit for the market in the 21st-century capitalist economy.

Many returning veterans and spouses have no college degrees in computer science. However, their experience in uniform and service to the nation has led them to succeed in their job. announced a partnership with the USO in the provision of career training and support. It will help over 1,000 service members and their military spouses to compete in the Google It Support Professional Certificate. It will enable the military personnel without IT knowledge to be ready for tech careers in eight months. The program will be a bridge for the veterans and military spouses in their careers. An improvement in this field is essential since it will enable a mission that will require corporate partnership between tech companies and the US veterans. They must lead by example and help invest in this area. The Silicon Valley and other related sectors will help in the provision of tech-based jobs.

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