The Central American Caravan Heading for the Border Gives Trump Nationalistic Ammunition

The United States isn’t the same country it was two years ago. Back then, the America government was a symbol of justice and new beginnings. It was a country that celebrated its diverse cultures. And it used to be a country that praised the people from different parts of the world who, in some way, added creativity and innovation to the American way of life. America was the country that respected the family unit and treated all children like they were their own. But then Donald Trump became president, and almost overnight, a dark cloud formed over Washington, and it started raining racism and hatred, according to his enemies.

The people who came to America 100 years ago aren’t much different from the people who are making their way to an American border now. They want to get away from the violence and the threats that seem to be commonplace in countries like Honduras and other Central American countries. Some news reports say there are 4,000 people in the caravan making its way through Mexico. And according to Mr. Trump, the caravan has an unhealthy supply of criminals ready to wreak havoc on America. And just for good measure and an added sense of fear, Trump said there were Middle Eastern terrorists in the caravan too.

There’s no proof that this mass of human flesh wants to disrupt a nation that is already in disruption mode. The people in that caravan want to live without fearing for their lives. But some people say if that’s what they want to experience they should change course and head to a country that can offer them that kind of experience. The United States is under attack, according to the Jews who find themselves living in a country that has anti-Semitism running through its DNA. The politicians who recently received bombs in the mail think their country is under attack by the people who should be bringing the country together.

The president told a group of cheering Trump supporters that more than 5,000 troops are on their way to America’s southern border, and they will make sure that gang-infested caravan sees what America looks and feels like now. According to a Fox News article, Trump said America doesn’t want any of those people in America. It seems Trump believes all immigrants are threats to America even though Trump, according to many news reports, is the only threat that’s out of control.

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