The Flash Will Get His Own Movie

Movies about superheroes are very big business at the box office these days. Marvel and DC are the two biggest comic book companies in the world. They have been going through all of their characters to try to figure out which ones will make good movie stars. Marvel is owned by Disney and DC is owned by Warner Bros. Both studios have made a ton of superhero movies over the past decade. There have been many hits and misses along the way. However, one iconic DC character that has not been allowed to star in his own film so far has been the Flash.

The scarlet speedster is currently the star of his own very successful TV series that is now in its fourth season. He also made an appearance in the “Justice League” movie that was a critical disappointment for Warner Bros last year. However, the studio has just released some new info that has comic book nerds very excited. The Flash will star in his own film that will be released in 2021. The reason for the long delay has to do with actor Ezra Miller’s schedule. He will be one of the main characters in the new “Fantastic Beasts” film. This will also be released by Warner Bros.

The filming of the “Fantastic Beasts” movie is already underway. This means that the Flash movie will not be able to get started until late next year. Some fans have suggested that a new actor should be chosen so that production of the Flash film can begin as soon as possible. However, Warner Bros. seems to be very pleased with their choice for a lead actor. Otherwise, they would not have approved the production of an entire movie to be delayed because of one person.

There have been rumors of a Flash film for quite some time. There were many fans who were surprised when Aquaman was given his own film before the Flash. The Aquaman film will be released in December. There have not been any plot details released about the Flash movie. It is not known if a script has even been finished at this point. There has been quite a bit of speculation in the comic book community about who the villain might be. Warner Bros. did not mention that a director is currently attached to the project. A director is usually hired long before production of a film gets underway.

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