More Americans Are Raising Their Grandchildren

There are three million people in America who are raising their grandchildren. Many of these people have their own health issues and financial issues. Children who are raised by their grandparents often struggle. They struggle to get adjusted to the new environment.

Dr. Andrew Adesman is a physician who works at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. He stated that raising children can be challenging for grandparents. Many of them have physical and mental health issues. They may also have to deal with children who have behavioral issues. However, most grandparents adjust well to raising their grandchildren.

Even though grandparents are adjusting well, they struggle more than parents. They have worse mental and physical health than parents. They are also more likely to struggle financially and raise children alone.

However, a study done by the National Survey of Children’s Health showed that grandparents may not be struggling as much as previously thought. The study involved 46,000 grandparents who were raising their grandchildren. The researchers found that grandparents were not more overwhelmed than parents.

There are several reasons that grandparents find themselves raising their grandchildren. Some children are taken away from their parents due to abuse or neglect. Others are taken away due to mental and physical health problems that the parent has. Additionally, some children are being cared for by their grandparents due to the death of their parents.

Black children are more likely to be raised by their grandparents. Studies have also shown that grandparents who raise grandchildren are less educated. Additionally, 31 percent of these people do not have anyone to turn to for emotional support.

Children who are raised by grandparents are more likely to be anxious or angry. Even though the studies have shown negative effects for both grandchildren and grandparents, Amy Goyer believes that children who are raised by grandparents often turn out well. Amy also stated that many grandparents are in their 40s, so they are not necessarily older.

Furthermore, Amy stated that children who are raised by their relatives do better than children who are in foster care. Children’s identity is closely tied to their biological family.

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