Lime Crime Raises Money For California Wildfires

Vegan and cruelty-free makeup company Lime Crime has always focused on releasing beauty products that stand out from the rest without harming people or animals along the way. Women from all walks of life turn to Lime Crime for makeup and other products because they know the company cares about people and animals.


What a lot of people don’t know is that Lime Crime has donated more than $16,000 to a range of charities over the years. Lime Crime is happy to support Girls Inc., Heart of Los Angeles and many other organizations that make the world a better place for everyone. Those who buy from Lime Crime directly support the well-being of animals and indirectly support each organization behind which Lime Crime is proud to stand.



California Wildfires


For the State of California, 2018 is one of the worst years in history as far as wildfires are concerned. A total of 7,579 fires burned 1.6 million acres of land and killed 72 people as of Nov. 17, 2018. The wildfires have injured and forced many more people to move out of their homes to avoid the deadly blaze, and authorities have spent more than $1 billion in attempts to control the disaster.


A lot of people are still missing in and around the areas impacted by the wildfires, and residents fear the worst. To support those affected by the disaster, Lime Crime donated 10 percent of its sales revenue from Nov. 10 to Nov. 12 to the American Red Cross to help those displaced during the tragedy.



Girls Inc.


Another organization that Lime Crime is proud to support is Girls Inc., an organization that inspires young women to strive for their goals and never to give up on their dreams. Leaders of the group arm girls with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate life and take on the challenges they will likely face along the way. Standing behind Girls Inc. is one of the ways that Lime Crime promotes equal treatment and opportunity for women of all backgrounds and walks of life.



Heart of Los Angeles


The Heart of Los Angeles is a nonprofit organization that helps underprivileged children get the best possible shot at life. From running after-school programs to providing mentors, HOLA sets a strong foundation for children as well as inspires them to reach for the stars. Children involved in the program get better grades than before and have an improved chance of getting into and graduating college. Children who would have otherwise had little hope of success can turn their lives around because of HOLA’s efforts and dedication. Lime Crime has donated to HOLA and supports the values the organization upholds.



Sanctuary for Families


Countless women in California and around the world are victims of abuse and exploitation. Many abused women stay with their abusers because they have nowhere else to go, feeling trapped and without options. Overcoming the fallout of abuse is not easy, and many victims don’t know where they can turn for the support and caring touch they need. Sanctuary for Families is an organization that offers shelter, education and other resources to abuse victims, and that is why Lime Crime has donated to its cause.





Animals that get lost or don’t have caring families often find themselves in animal shelters around the nation. Many animal shelters are overcrowded and opt to kill animals that don’t get adopted within a set amount of time.


Lime Crime believes that the euthanization of shelter animals is unethical, and that is why the cruelty-free company supports Bideawee, the oldest no-kill animal shelter in the nation. Bideawee uses donations to house animals and find families who would be happy to give them a loving home.



Adopt NY


Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast in 2012, causing $70 billion in damage. In addition to harming people, Hurricane Sandy also impacted an untold number of animals as their owners ran from the destruction and carnage. Adopt NY was a charity that gathered displaced animals and helped them find new homes so that they could live happy lives. Lime Crime is pleased to support any cause that promotes the well-being of animals and donated to Adopt NY as a result.



American Red Cross


The American Red Cross gives supplies and resources to people impacted by storms, earthquakes and other disasters. In addition to giving resources, the American Red Cross also provides education and training to help people prepare for and survive the unthinkable. Lime Crime has donated to the American Red Cross and encourages its customers to do the same.



Lime Crime’s Values


Lime Crime’s happy customers already know the values for which the company stands, and that is the main reason they buy from Lime Crime. The founder of Lime Crime believes people should think about how their actions impact the world they are leaving behind for their children.


At its core, Lime Crime supports a world in which people respect each other and all living creatures. Lime Crime encourages people to stop buying products from companies that use animal testing because such practices are cruel and inhumane. The goal is to get people and animals to coexist and to promote peace.



How People Can Help


People will often want to know how they can help when they learn about the ways some companies treat animals and humans. Everyone decides what companies they support by where they spend their money. One of the top ways to support Lime Crime’s mission is to stop buying products from companies that use inhumane testing methods. If people want to contribute to a safe and peaceful world for everyone, they must only spend their money at companies that also support that vision.

As a company that values the well-being of humans and animals, Lime Crime produces only cruelty-free makeup and other beauty products. But the vegan company also takes other steps to support the world in which it wants people to live. Lime Crime’s founder donates to a range of nonprofit organizations that advance human rights and the humane treatment of animals.  Follow along with their cruelty-free mission on Twitter and Instagram.

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