Poll Shows Democratic Voters Want New Congress to Impeach Trump

Democratic voters have been clear in the desires they express to party leaders now that the party will control the House of Representatives in January. A recent national poll showed that the impeachment of President Trump and the preservation of health care are the two biggest concerns for those that identify as Democrats.

The poll found that 43 percent of Democratic voters polled wish to see Congress move to impeach the current president. The only more pressing goal was the support of health care, which was the main talking point for the party as the mid-term elections approached.

Democratic voters may soon be disappointed, however, as party leaders explain that impeachment of a United States president requires evidence that a serious effort to subvert the constitution has occurred. Party leaders did promise to observe the current administration with a higher level of scrutiny than was done in the past two years.

The leaders of the Democratic Party also have a more practical political reason to proceed with caution on the matter. While Democrats have gained control of the House, the Republican Party has gained a tighter control of the Senate. The Senate is given the responsibility to decide the innocence or guilt of a president during impeachment hearings.

One respondent to the poll, 73-year-old Aprille Evans-Wright, expressed her desire to see Trump removed from office. She explained her reason for this stance is a belief that the president is dishonest and his refusal to disclose income tax information. Evans-Wright also expressed a dislike for immigration policies that separate children from their parents.

America as a whole is not nearly as supportive of the movement to impeach President Trump. Less than one-quarter of voter respondents listed the issue among their top three concerns when the next Congress convenes.

The Democratic Party has hammered home the need to protect healthcare insurance for individuals with pre-existing conditions over the past few weeks. This protection was a guarantee of the Affordable Health Care Act signed by former President Barack Obama in 2010. Republicans have made repeated attempts to appeal the Act that many people refer to as Obamacare.

The third priority for Democrats in the poll was environmental issues.

Republican voters that took part in the poll identified health care and border security as their top two issues. The reformation of immigration policy and tax cuts were the third and fourth most popular issues among Republican voters.

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