Chicago Students Receive Book Bags From Chance The Rapper

There are some people who don’t agree with rap music or the people who are behind the genre. On the other hand, there are rappers who are trying to make a difference in the lives of children and families each day. Chance the Rapper recently visited Chicago to give away a special surprise to children in need in the city. He delivered 30,000 book bags and school supplies after riding through the streets in a back-to-school parade.

The young man sat on the back of a car during the parade, waving to fans in the audience. The parade is a chance for families to gather together for a final bash before the school year begins. Unfortunately, there are many children who start school with little or no supplies that they need. Some don’t even have paper or a pencil to take with them. Chance isn’t a stranger to the kids in Chicago. He donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools in early 2017.

Each book bag donated to children has all of the supplies that they will need to at least get the year started off right. After the parade, Chance spoke to a crowd of people, especially politicians in the city. He wants leaders to step up and provide the same kind of services that he’s providing, helping children be a success in life. Chance just wants children to have an easy life because they can’t change what their parents can afford to supply. By donating the book bags to kids, Chance has made the job of teachers a bit easier as well because they won’t need to buy as many supplies with their own money. Teachers can then focus more on getting the things that are needed for the classroom so that students can learn. Chance is known for the messages he delivers in his songs and has won three Grammy awards.