Investigation into the Navy Accidents

The Government Accountability Office has said that the two missile destroyers that were involved in major accidents in the summer had a history of failure. The failure meant that the two missile destroyers could not fulfill key requirements when it came to training. According to the documents obtained by the CNN, negligence was what caused the accidents. For instance, 10 out of 10 key warfare certifications were missing from USS Fitzgerald. As for USS John S. McCain, 6 out of 10 certifications were missing. The two accidents claimed the life of 17 sailors. It was further noted that despite the McCain and Fitzgerald training records being below average, there were other training problems with the vessels. During the same hearing, it was revealed that the Pacific area of Japan has seen an increase in the number of cruisers and destroyers working without training certifications. The report explained that the process had escalated fivefold to 37 percent in June 2017. At the same time in 2015, the process stood at 7 percent. 67 percent of these cases included certifications that expired over six months ago. However, these accidents resulted in a number of changes. For instance, Joseph Aucoin was dismissed as the commander of the Navy’s 7th Fleet. It also led to new guidelines on how the US Navy deploys its fleet, the way it maintains them and the way they train.

However, a Navy official disagreed with the latest findings. He noted that they were working on higher level warfighting certifications. He referred to the expired certifications as nuts and bolts certification that were looking into the way ships operate. He also noted that for a ship of the Navy to operate, it requires 22 certifications. The Navy spokesman said that the report was compiled on half the certifications required. The Navy refused to hand in the training records of the two missile destroyers. Earlier this week, senior Navy officials spoke to lawmakers where they promised them that they would get to the root of the accidents and determine why the number of accidents is on the rise. According to the findings, it was revealed that during the Fitzgerald accidents, the crew of the destroyer did not acknowledge that a cargo ship was approaching. They also failed in taking the right measures to avoid a collision. Also, it was revealed that USS McCain was in better condition compared to Fitzgerald. It was also revealed that the poor training record is common in the Pacific.

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