Dove Body Wash Advert Backfires

Dove body wash is in trouble after a marketing strategy went wrong. In a Facebook ad, the Unilever owned company shows a black woman removing a brown shirt only to turn to a white woman wearing a light shirt. The ad was a three-second GIF that involved three women. However, the transition from a black woman to a white woman didn’t go well with social media users. Many users saw this as portraying the black person as a dirty figure. This ad represents another ad that ran for the N.K.Fairbank Company where a white kid asked a black kid why her parents had not washed her with the fairy soap to become white. Many social media who saw the post were outraged asking how the post would have passed the many layers of review involved before posting an ad on Facebook. However, the company has since apologized unreservedly. The company noted that it had missed the mark while representing women of color. For the distress that the advert may have created, the company said that it deeply regretted the offense. Through their spokeswoman Marissa Solan, the company said that the advert was supposed to show people that their soap can be used by every woman. The advert was also supposed to celebrate the diversity of people.

They acknowledged that they had offended many people as a result. She further said that the company was re-evaluating their internal process about how they create content. At the same time, she could not reveal the number of people who reviewed the ad. Critics, however, were not happy about the apology of the company. One Facebook user asked how the advert would have passed without the objection of staff members. The user then said that he would not be buying the products of the company anymore. While Dove may be used as a scapegoat, there are plenty of companies that have been involved in racist advisements while they have turned a deaf ear on the same. Intel suffered the same fate back in 2007 when the company portrayed six printers surrounding one white man. While the company said that it wanted to use the visual metaphor to convey the performance capabilities of their processor, they agreed that they failed in the execution. The company apologized after the incidence. Dove has also been involved in a failed advert again in May 2011. Popchips suffered the same feat back in May 2012.