Lime Crime Adds New Shimmering Colors With The Unicorn Queen Collection

Did you think that unicorns were merely a mythological creature, whose world’s renowned beauty would never be known on earth? Well, guess again! Unicorns are taking the world by storm. From the ever innovative team at Lime Crime comes the latest in the mythical collection, Unicorn Queen Collection. It is a significant extension of their broader unicorn inspired line that dropped on October 10th.

If you are one of those free-spirited individuals that are into highlighting your features with a fairytale-flair, then Lime Crime is the product of your dreams. They have introduced Hi-Lite highlighter palette in unicorn. To make the experience magical, Lime Crime uses different colours on their tri-pan. Their tri-pan contains three neon sparkly shades: Happyland(a vivid pink colour), frolic (lime green colour) and Daydreaming(a violent dayglo shade).

So far consumers are very enthusiastic about the products, more so, those who experienced the wide range of satisfactory products lime crime has to offer. Lime crime has provided consumers with pictures of swatches on the product page of the site and from the response received; the glow will have a high impact. The Hi-lite highlighter is designed for all skin tones that give a magical glow.

Application for Hi-Lite highlighter is effortless, as Lime Crime’s Instagram makes pretty clear. All you need to do is dust over cheeks, brow bone, over eyelids, cupids bow, Nose tip and feel like a new creature. It can be worn on bare skin or over foundation. To get that maximum effect try to use some moisturizers with it.

As is common with Lime Crime, they have you covered in all sectors and get you those perfectly complementing products for maximum beauty enhancement. Adding to the variety of highlighting goodies presented, Lime Crime has launched three new shades of diamond crusher lip-glosses.

This should be of particular concern to anyone who finds lippies to be their kind of thing. Their retail price is a cool $18 each. The palettes three selected shades are Meadow (sparkly mint), unicorn Queen (shimmering violent shade) and over the rainbow (sparkling white). Naturally, these glosses are not only pigmented but sparkle like crystals which are perfect for when you want to stir with your look. To look best in the diamond crusher lip-gloss, wear it alone. This allows the real, uncorrupted color of the gloss to show.

Lip-gloss, as we know, is more comfortable to apply compared to a lipstick. You can grab a tube on the go and even without a mirror make diamond crusher gloss work for you like a real queen. To have the most decent look for you while applying without a mirror, dub the wand in the middle of your lips and rub your lips together to spread it out evenly.

If you are an over-enthusiastic person and feel that having the entire collection is the way you want to go, then you will be pleased to know that the bundled price is $76 in value. This is a pretty decent way to save money and time considering how useful their products are and how well each line of products complements each other.

As if the excitement from the sparkly mythical beauty category is not enough, GlamGlow is releasing a glitter face mask for the holidays. The mask, which is a standard colour, loaded with numerous star-shaped glitters, is a thing of beauty. The company assures users that the pill off mask does not leave behind any residue glitter thus the user needs not rinse any residue after application. The glitter musk is designed to tighten your face and leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Kardashian- approved makeup artist Joyce Bonelli is releasing a glitter face treatment with her Joyce Bonelli cosmetics collection in 2018.

There is a lot in the lime crime list of products to keep you sorted for a lifetime in all manner of beauty products. There are the five Unicorn Hair semi-permanent hair dyes they are available for purchase. There is so much unicorn beauty but so little time to try it all. But since beauty is one of those few things in life that provide us with a sense of security and belonging, then head over to the nearest dealer and get your groove turned on.

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